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Are You Ready For Your Next Brand Crisis?

Jim Nail September 12, 2018

You and your PR team have a detailed crisis communications plan. The problem is, it’s wrong. Crisis communication principles have lagged changing expectations of transparency and responsiveness from today’s consumer. Today’s empowered consumers, as Forrester calls them, have the devices and ability to uncover and share facts — and rumors — even as the crisis communication plan […]

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Your Next Brand Crisis Is Just Around The Corner

Jim Nail August 23, 2018

Chipotle, Starbucks, Uber, Wells Fargo . . . the list of companies that have found themselves pounded by controversy is long — in fact, 50% of the Fortune 100 have had to deal with a crisis in the past three years. Check out this short overview of the new report Emily Collins and I coauthored . […]

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The Data-Driven Marketing Revolution Will Be Televised

Jim Nail May 16, 2018

I recently heard L.L.Bean’s chief sales and brand officer walk through the company’s brand refresh and corresponding marketing campaign. He showed some TV spots (most of which elicited laughs, like this winner), and I was reminded of the company’s expanded TV spend. Is TV dead? Hardly. But it is about to change more radically than […]

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Marketers, You Desperately Need A New Mindset

Jim Nail April 20, 2018

You have to feel bad for marketers: For years, they’ve tried to keep pace with changing buyer behaviors and adapt to the cross-device and cross-channel habits of their customers. To guide their progress, they’ve fallen back on familiar routines: benchmarking against past performance, optimizing short-term results, and pushing people through the sales funnel. The problem […]

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Introducing The Forrester Wave: Marketing Measurement And Optimization Solutions, Q2 2018

Jim Nail April 18, 2018

Tina Moffett and I are excited to announce the publication of The Forrester™ Wave: Marketing Measurement And Optimization Solutions, Q2 2018.  This report evaluates eight top vendors’  current offering, strategy, and market presence for unified measurement solutions that leave behind siloed measurement approaches, like attribution and mix modeling.   The research revealed two strong insights:  Unified measurement has matured significantly as a capability since we published the first […]

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Three Things I Never Expected Marc Pritchard To Say — But Every Marketer Needs To Hear

Jim Nail March 1, 2018

P&G CMO Marc Pritchard keynoted today’s ANA Media Conference and exhorted the marketing industry to disrupt and reinvent the craft of marketing: Quote #1: “Disrupt mass marketing.” Yes, you’re reading that right. The company that is if not the inventor of mass marketing, certainly the company known for perfecting it, says its time has passed. […]

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The Inflection Point for Addressable and Advanced TV Is Here Now. Really.

Jim Nail March 1, 2018

The headlines have said it for years: TV is about to change. It will become more targeted. So I don’t blame you if you are a bit skeptical. But yesterday I presented data from the ANA/Forrester State of TV and Online Video Survey that strongly demonstrates that we are finally at the point where rapid […]

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Facebook: The Industry Wants Transparency, Not New Labels

Jim Nail February 23, 2018

Facebook made an announcement yesterday titled “Making Ad Metrics Clearer” that says, in part: We’ve heard that businesses want more insight into our measurement tools and metrics. So today, we’re introducing new labels on some of our metrics to clearly show how they are calculated . . . The centerpiece of its announcement is new […]

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2018 Super Bowl Ads: Plenty of Fumbles Off The Field

Jim Nail February 6, 2018

Few marketers can resist the lure of the Super Bowl ad hype. VP, Research Director Brigitte Majewski interviewed a few of us who cover all things marketing here at Forrester to get at what really matters when it comes to Super Bowl advertising and why. Brigitte: The buzz in Marketingville around the Super Bowl is […]

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How State Farm Turned a Marketing Tagline into an Expression of Its Corporate Values

Jim Nail January 11, 2018

Happy 2018! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and had a chance to relax. As we get back to the swing of our regular routines, I have to wonder — what becomes of the season of giving? The Salvation Army bell ringers have disappeared, and cause-related marketing ads promoting companies’ charitable giving (like Subaru’s Share […]

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As CVS Goes Post-Digital, Walgreens Reverts to Pre-Digital

Jim Nail December 18, 2017

For a case study on how marketing must break from past practices, one needn’t look further than two recent announcements, one from CVS and the other from Walgreens. One company is pushing the boundaries of retail healthcare; the other is looking back a century for its marketing ideas. In this report, my colleague Shar VanBoskirk and […]

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A Lesson from the Bruce Springsteen/Richard Thaler School of Marketing

Jim Nail October 31, 2017

What do consumers, Bruce Springsteen, and a Nobel Prize laureate have in common? They all understand the concept of fairness. And they understand that consumers reward and punish companies based on perceived fairness. Nobel Prize winner Richard Thaler found that if a company raises prices or cuts wages for the sole purpose of better profit […]

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OTT Won’t Replace Traditional TV — The Two Will Get Married And Have Babies

Jim Nail October 5, 2017

Recent headlines have covered cord cutting as if it is an inevitable trend, set to doom the TV industry as we know it. However, when we peel back the layers of the alarmist headlines, the argument doesn’t really hold: No streaming service yet offers all that consumers want, as my colleague Kris Arcand found in […]

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The Pressure From Values-Driven Consumers Continues To Build

Jim Nail August 31, 2017

There’s a new urgency in the marketplace: to appeal to values-driven consumers.  When Forrester first started discussing the importance of corporate values many years ago, we were met with both support and skepticism. “Consumers only care about the cheapest products,” skeptics told us. “Companies only care about maximizing shareholder returns,” they said. But as recent events in the public […]

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Back To the Future: The Benefits Of TV Advertising

Jim Nail August 9, 2017

Marketers are having a Back to the Future moment: AdWeek, MarketWatch, MarketingProfs, and others have sung the praises of television. And in January, the CMO of Coca-Cola presented analytic proof that TV delivers stronger ROI than digital. With cable-cutters, cord-nevers, and Millennials’ preference for over-the-top (OTT) TV viewing, it’s easy to predict the demise of […]

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Advanced TV -- Please Don't Call It "Targeted Linear"

Jim Nail May 26, 2017

I’m seeing the term “targeted linear TV” crop up more and more (as in this Business Insider article about a Credit Suisse report on TV advertising’s evolution) to describe what has been variously called “audience-based,” “index-based,” “advanced,” or “data-driven” buying. Or even, perish the thought, “programmatic” — a term I’ve already pleaded with the industry […]

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Uber....Pepsi....The Ringling Brothers Circus.....

Jim Nail April 13, 2017

Three very different brands with an unfortunate commonality: Each has recently incurred the wrath of a growing segment that Forrester calls the values-based consumer. Last week at Forrester’s Consumer Marketing Forum, my colleague Henry Peyret and I launched a new line of research. It helps marketers manage the trend of consumers looking beyond the direct, […]

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Plate Tectonics and the TV Advertising Business

Jim Nail March 27, 2017

One of the key concepts I learned as a geology major at Williams College comes in very handy when analyzing the changes in the TV advertising business over the past few years. Plate tectonics describes giant slabs of the earth's crust that contain the continents and are propelled by the upwelling of molten layers deep in […]

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Super Bowl LI: Lackluster Brand Promises, Inspiring Values

Jim Nail February 6, 2017

Out of a generally uninspiring batch of ads this year, one trend stood out: brands using the largest ad platform in the US to align their brand with social and political values that generally are thought to have no place in the bottom-line world of driving quarterly business results. Social media listening firm Talkwalker notes […]

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AT&T DirectTV Now - The Cord Never-Ever Package

Jim Nail November 28, 2016

 I'm in NY today at the launch of DirectTV Now — AT&T's new video streaming service. The key points are: Live TV plus on-demand streaming Packages starting at 60 channels for $35 per month up to 120 channels for $70 — with a special deal to get the 100 channel package (normally $60) for $35, […]

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