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Introducing Forrester’s Asset Intelligence Model (AIM) For Asset Management

Josh Zelonis May 7, 2018

During my presentation at RSA Conference 2018 this year, I discussed what I refer to as the “Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle of Asset Management,” which states that it’s impossible to maintain an asset inventory list in a constantly evolving environment. Think of it this way: Your IT infrastructure is probably a lot like a giant jelly […]

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EDR Convergence Into Traditional Endpoints Is Overblown And Misdirected

Josh Zelonis March 27, 2018

  I’m going to start this blog post by saying that if you only read one paragraph, scroll down and make it the last one. I’m frequently approached by vendors who want to know my thoughts on the convergence of endpoint detection and response (EDR) and endpoint protection (EP) into a single-agent solution. “It only […]

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Thoughts on the Spectre of Zero Trust

Josh Zelonis January 5, 2018

  The threat model has changed. Data breaches have traditionally required execution of some manner of code on a system to access data and a network connection to exfiltrate the data off the system. This is no longer the case, as Spectre reduces the requirement for code execution to anywhere on a device as opposed […]

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Selling Your Vision: What I Look For In A Briefing

Josh Zelonis December 1, 2017

  I’m an analyst. It’s my job to formulate opinions on your product and company and provide that insight to my clients. Prior to joining Forrester, the impact analysts have on the industry was described to me this way: “I don’t have time to be an expert at everything I need to know, so I […]

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TIP of the Iceberg: Research Announcement on Threat Intel Platforms

Josh Zelonis November 9, 2017

A common feature in the threat intelligence platform (TIP) space is aggregation of data and providing an interface for managing threat intelligence — this seems to be where the product visions diverge. While many of these platforms have been around for years, until there is a unified vision for these products, I continue to view […]

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CSI: Your Network – Reconstructing the Breach

Josh Zelonis October 5, 2017

September 2017 was a busy month. Three major breach notifications in Deloitte, the SEC, and Equifax… and my first Wave dropped, coincidentally on Digital Forensics & Incident Response Service Providers. Following all this commotion, I had a client reach out and ask me how… How are investigators able to reconstruct digital crime scenes to identify […]

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Calling All Endpoint Detection And Response Vendors

Josh Zelonis July 21, 2017

On July 25, we’re going to start sending out detailed questionnaires to vendors that qualify for our upcoming report entitled Vendor Landscape: Endpoint Detection And Response, 2017. This report will be a collaboration between Chris Sherman and myself, with an expected publication date in September. We will be approaching a product category that is about […]

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What Kind of Threat Intelligence Are You Selling Me?

Josh Zelonis July 6, 2017

The threat intelligence market has not been well defined. This is a problem that frequently arises when marketing departments start playing buzzword bingo in a “me too” attempt to latch onto the latest trend. This year it’s happening with machine learning. Unfortunately, the market response to this type of message pollution is to “lose faith” […]

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