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Sophisticated, demanding mobile customers: Ready or not, here they come!

Melissa Parrish April 4, 2013

A few weeks ago, my dad and I were talking about the policy on airplanes to turn off all devices from the time the door closes until the plane has reached 10,000 feet.  My point: I don’t have a problem powering down for 15 or 20 minutes. It’s when we get delayed on the tarmac […]

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How to Become a Mature Mobile Marketer

Melissa Parrish January 23, 2013

Sixty-seven percent of interactive marketers are currently using mobile or are planning to start using it in the next year, according to our Q2 global executive survey. That’s great news! But before we celebrate mobile finally coming into its own, we have to acknowledge that mobile is still a new channel with a learning curve […]

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Perpetual Connectivity Will Change How We Experience The World

Melissa Parrish January 8, 2013

Devices are proliferating, and we’ve all seen the data to prove it: More than half of US consumers now own smartphones, and nearly 20% own a tablet. And it’s not just device ownership that’s increasing. As we’ve been talking about for the past year, people are now connected to each other, to places, to things, […]

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Spice Up Your Next Meeting: Play The Customer Journey Game

Melissa Parrish December 6, 2012

The following is a guest post by Kara Hoisington, a member of the terrific advisor team for Forrester's Interactive Marketing Council.   Customer Journey Game on Prezi Since 2010, Forrester has been advocating a shift from a linear customer buying path to a continuous life cycle of engagement.  This customer life cycle is a framework […]

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Want To Launch Mobile App? Ask Yourself The Tough Questions

Melissa Parrish October 1, 2012

Mobile website or mobile app? It's not only a common question from marketers — it’s also the wrong question to ask. So let’s get this out of the way first, interactive marketers: You need a mobile-optimized or mobile-specific website. If you don’t want to take my word for it, check your organic web traffic. Odds […]

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Mobile Marketers: I'm Looking For You!

Melissa Parrish September 17, 2012

Those of you who know my research won’t be surprised to learn that I’m currently working on a collection of mobile marketing reports that will eventually make up our mobile marketing playbook. (For more information about Forrester’s new playbooks, check this out.) But what you probably don’t know is that the report I’m working on […]

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Officially Introducing The Always Addressable Customer

Melissa Parrish August 8, 2012

Today, at long last, we published our report officially introducing the always addressable customer, though I (and others) have been talking about it for a while now. Just to refresh your memory, always addressable customers are people who own and use at least three web-connected devices, go online multiple times per day, and go online from multiple […]

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Salesforce Buys Buddy Media: Not A Shocker

Melissa Parrish June 4, 2012

As an analyst, I make a lot of predictions about various technology offerings. Over the last year those predictions have increasingly focused on the Social Media Management Platform (SMMP) space, specifically about how I expected consolidation as demand increased from marketers, and big tech players realized the necessity and potential of these platforms. It seemed pretty […]

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Facebooks Needs to Take Marketing Seriously

Melissa Parrish May 14, 2012

My colleague Nate Elliott and I have been thinking about the Facebook IPO. Our thoughts: The world’s biggest social network will complete its initial public offering in a few days, with a valuation based largely on its strong history of innovation. But we have to wonder: Will Facebook ever focus any of that innovation on […]

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Engaging Your Ultra-Connected Customers

Melissa Parrish May 9, 2012

Back in March, I hinted at my discomfort with the way SoLoMo has come to mean technology-focused, reductive marketing campaigns usually solely focused on the “check-in.”   But the reason people want to talk about SoLoMo is because of real trends in consumer adoption of technology and advanced technology behaviors. Those of you who were at Forrester’s […]

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SoLoMo Or So Not Yet?

Melissa Parrish March 8, 2012

Are you thinking about SoLoMo yet?  My clients definitely are, and I haven’t been surprised by the number of questions I’m getting about it considering that 86% of US online adults engage in social media and 2/3 of online Generation Y fall into the SuperConnected category of Mobile Technographics®. But what does SoLoMo really mean? It’s […]

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Principles For Mobile Marketing Success

Melissa Parrish February 8, 2012

Most marketers know that there are opportunities for them to engage consumers on mobile devices: consumers are increasingly buying smartphones, using them more frequently, and using them as a supplemental resource for content and communication. So it’s great to see that marketer spend in mobile is increasing. However, we find that most efforts still treat mobile […]

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Just Published: A Forrester Wave™ For Mobile Marketing Strategy

Melissa Parrish January 30, 2012

We’ve all seen the headlines:  2010 2011 2012 is the year of mobile!  Mobile marketing spend will outpace email search display!  Jump on the bandwagon now or else!   . . . And while I’m bullish about mobile marketing — I better be, since it’s my primary coverage area these days — the importance of having […]

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Google Search Gets Social- What it Could Mean for Marketers

Melissa Parrish January 12, 2012

I don’t know about you, but my head is spinning from all of the articles and editorials about Google’s incorporation of Google+ content and other personalized search results.  While there’s lots of conversation about whether the changes are good or bad for Google and the future of search, whether Google is opening themselves up to […]

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Twitter: Is Anybody Doing It "Right"?

Melissa Parrish December 19, 2011

Twitter isn’t the largest social network, but its users are very active and tend to be influential. As a result, more and more marketers are looking for ways to leverage the service. The challenge of course is that Twitter is distinctively different than other digital channels, so marketers still struggle to find the “right” way to engage. […]

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Twitter Launches Brand Pages: What It Means For You

Melissa Parrish December 9, 2011

Yesterday, Twitter announced the launch of its highly anticipated brand pages. The move is being lauded as the next logical step for the social network in attempting to bring its offerings in line with competitive services for companies — like the already-launched Google+ brand pages and the perennial favorite Facebook pages. But how exactly will the […]

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Facebook, Gowalla, And Marketing On Location-Based Social Networks

Melissa Parrish December 6, 2011

As you’ve undoubtedly heard by now, yesterday Facebook announced its acquisition of Gowalla. The move opens up interesting possibilities for location-based and location-aware social apps, some of which I explored in my most recent, serendipitously timed report on location-based social networks (LBSNs). On one hand, the acquisition means that the herd of strictly LBSNs is […]

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Scan This Post: What Marketers Need To Know About 2D Bar Codes

Melissa Parrish November 17, 2011

2D bar codes are one of the latest “shiny objects” in mobile marketing. And it’s no surprise — with mobile marketing spend increasing and smartphone adoption on the rise, you want to know if it’s time to invest in this mobile marketing tactic. The result?  More and more clients have come to me and said, "I'm […]

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What Makes A Community Successful?

Melissa Parrish August 25, 2011

Anyone who follows my research knows that community management is one of my favorite topics. As I speak with marketers about their branded community efforts, the questions that come up most frequently are, “How do I know when my community is 'good?'" and “How many members do I need for my community to be successful?” Interestingly, these are the […]

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How I'm Using Google+ (Hint: It's About Relevance)

Melissa Parrish August 8, 2011

If you were to glance at my Google+ profile, you’d probably think I’m practically inactive. But what you’re seeing is the public view of a very targeted set of actions, based on relevance. I like to have different kinds of conversations with different people, so when I share content it’s with circles that designate not […]

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