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So What Is CX Strategy Anyway?

Ryan Hart August 27, 2018

Talk to 10 different customer experience (CX) professionals, and you may get 10 different definitions of what a CX strategy is and what it does. One CX professional from a company with more than $65 billion of funds under management confided in us, “[When we started], we didn’t even know what a CX strategy was […]

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Brands Must Keep Their Promises With Customer Experience (CX)

Ryan Hart July 3, 2018

Globally, 57% of marketing decision makers that Forrester surveyed in 2017 said that aligning their CX with their brand was not a critical or high priority. That is alarming, because the two go hand in hand. As CX author Matt Watkinson puts it, “The ideal gap between the brand image (what customers are promised) and […]

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Avoid Bad HiPPO Directives With Insights and Prioritization

Ryan Hart June 5, 2018

CX professionals often fall victim to the top-down HiPPO approach to prioritization; HiPPO being an acronym for the “highest-paid person’s opinion” — when priorities are set by the CEO or other senior management based on gut and experience rather than actual underlying data. Case in point, Hilton Hotels’ digital team often received “suggestions” from executives around […]

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Stop Prioritizing CX Pain Points

Ryan Hart May 4, 2018

From a customer impact perspective, it may seem to make sense that you would start prioritizing your CX improvement efforts based on a list of customer or user painpoints — in a similar fashion to how an emergency department triages incoming patients. However, the problem with this approach is that it only factors in one dimension […]

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Power CX Prioritization Decision Making With A Rigorous Model

Ryan Hart March 16, 2018

Rik Reppe, advisory partner at PwC’s The Difference, summarizes the crux of most CX practices today by saying, “[As a CX pro] you may have 1,000 projects you could do, 100 projects you should do, and 10 projects you can do.” So which ones do you do – and more importantly, which ones do you say no to? For a customer experience (CX) […]

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Predictions 2018: The Crisis Of Trust And How Smart Brands Will Shape CX In Response

Ryan Hart November 10, 2017

Around the world, CX quality has largely stalled. Why? Multiple data sources show that customer confidence is up, spending is up, and expectations are rising as consumers interact with brands more than ever before. But the data also shows that trust in companies has dropped precipitously. This crisis of trust is worsened by misleading and false […]

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There’s More To Service Design Than You Think You Know

Ryan Hart February 10, 2017

TSA, America’s infamous airport security organization, made headlines last year when it placed the blame on passengers for long lines at airport security, claiming that individuals were at fault for showing up to checkpoints unprepared. Any time an organization puts the onus back onto the user for not being able to properly navigate a service […]

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Lots To Learn From Pokémon GO

Ryan Hart November 1, 2016

The Pokémon GO phenomenon washed across the globe like a tsunami — and while the pace at which it subsided was almost as sudden as its inundation, the customer experience (CX) lessons that it has left behind are invaluable. The game’s success reveals key elements that any company can borrow to create its own powerfully […]

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Join me in Sydney for a Dose of Product & Service Design Thinking in Financial Services, August 4th

Ryan Hart July 21, 2016

I started my corporate career in financial services – working for several large, global high street banks in Asia. During my time “in the trenches” of wholesale and mass affluent consumer banking, I watched a number of ambitious and well-intended new product and service ideas rise through the ranks of budget approvals and stakeholder support […]

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Welcome To The Dawn Of Anticipatory CX

Ryan Hart July 20, 2016

Forrester’s CX Index shows that, across the board, companies are getting better at delivering quality customer experiences (CX). But in as much time as it takes to open a celebratory bottle of champagne, the tide of rising customer expectations threatens to push the product or service CX pros have been working on for so long […]

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What The World Can Learn From Japan's Exquisite Service Culture

Ryan Hart March 30, 2016

Those of you who have spent time in Japan might have noticed that interactions with service staff there play out in a carefully choreographed blend of ceremony and gratitude, regardless of whether you’re buying a coffee at the corner shop or a bag at a local boutique. The paradox is that this delightful customer experience […]

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Best Practices For Managing CX Via B2B Partner Networks

Ryan Hart January 5, 2016

While much of the glitz and glam around customer experience has orbited around B2C organizations, Forrester believes that the imperative shift toward customer experience and subsequently, customer centricity, is creeping into the B2B space – sooner than we might expect. Recognizably, there are inherent challenges in distributing through channel partners, not the least of which […]

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Differentiate Your Customer Experience with "Signature Moments"

Ryan Hart October 14, 2015

Every March, children run around, eagerly filling baskets with Easter eggs. The eggs come in all sorts of colors and sizes, some hard to find, some more easily discovered.  The ritual continues every year with the Easter Bunny (or parents in rarer cases) hiding eggs to impart joy and wonder in innocent children. One can […]

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Brands In China Have High CX Aspirations But Most Fail To Deliver

Ryan Hart August 31, 2015

With recent drops in global stock markets and all eyes on China’s economy, the timing of the China CX Index report couldn’t be more serendipitous. While customer experience (CX) most likely doesn't have a direct impact on all this sudden share volatility, our research shows that there is a strong correlation between CX and revenue […]

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Customer Experience Pros Should Shift Their Focus From Needs To Expectations

Ryan Hart July 10, 2015

Expectation Maps Are A Smart Way To Visualize Customer Journey Emotion Talking to clients, it’s interesting to see and hear how the topic of “customer needs” still comes up as frequently as the sun comes out in Singapore. In a day and age when customer “needs” such as food, clothing, and human interaction are largely […]

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