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The Data Digest: Prioritize CX Investment By Understanding Empowered Consumers

Anjali Lai July 3, 2018

On paper, customer experience (CX) is about people creating memorable experiences for other people. But in reality, resonating with consumers is complex and messy. Customers approach your brand with unique emotional profiles, tendencies, and preferences that shape how they feel about your CX. Like people themselves, CX isn’t objective or static — its quality relies […]

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Use Text Analytics Technologies To Handle Mountains Of Unstructured Data

Boris Evelson June 14, 2018

Enterprises are sitting on mountains of unstructured data — 61% have more than 100 terabytes, and 12% have more than five petabytes! Luckily, there are mature technologies out there that can help. First, enterprise information architects should consider general-purpose text analytics platforms. These are capable of handling most, if not all, text analytics use cases, both […]

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Are You Modernizing Your B2B Go-To-Market Strategies?

Laura Ramos June 14, 2018

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak at a dinner event with 20-plus senior marketers and business partners that InsideView sponsored. We wanted to explore how well marketing and sales are facing up to new go-to-market (GTM) challenges associated with buyer behavior change in general, account-based marketing (ABM) specifically. To get the conversation going, […]

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The Data Digest: The Dangerous Contradictions Of Consumer Reviews

Anjali Lai May 24, 2018

The American showman P.T. Barnum understood the value of online consumer reviews well before the arrival of the internet when he said, “Nothing draws a crowd quite like a crowd.” While consumer reviews generate buzz, they stop just short of being a circus because they’ve won immense levels of consumer trust. But two of the […]

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The Data Digest: Millennials Call For Values-Driven Companies, But They’re Not The Only Ones Interested

Anjali Lai May 18, 2018

We’ve been researching values-based consumers for several years now, and conversation in the C-suite has progressed from “Are values really important?” to “How do we strategize accordingly?” But every now and then, lingering questions crop up that lead to misguided decision making around values. Here are two common misconceptions — and why they are wrong. […]

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Your Data Is Worth Nothing — Unless You Use It

Jennifer Belissent, Ph.D. April 25, 2018

I’m often asked the question, “What’s my data worth?” And my immediate (and somewhat provocative) response is “Nothing!” As the data economy heats up, the fear of being left behind leaves some company execs in a cold sweat. Forward-looking board members ask about data commercialization strategies and expect answers. That question — “What’s my data worth?” — […]

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When Goofy Kicks Donald Duck, Your Company Loses

Brandon Purcell April 6, 2018

I just had the pleasure of attending a Forrester Leadership Boards workshop followed by our Consumer Marketing Forum in New York City.  As usual, data challenges remain top of mind for most marketers – siloed data, dirty data, inaccessible data… the usual suspects.  However, there was also a data manifestation of an age old organizational […]

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Four Forces Drive The Consumer's Tech Stack

James L. McQuivey April 5, 2018

Today I’m on stage in New York speaking to hundreds of marketing executives at our Consumer Marketing Forum 2018. I’m there to unveil the 2018 US Benchmark Data Overview, which for the first time ever we are making available to all Forrester clients. See the report here: The Consumer Tech Stack. The research is exciting. […]

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Amazon Flirts With Banks And Their Customers: Here’s What You Should Do

Peter Wannemacher April 3, 2018

Like a football team captain at a junior high dance, Amazon just sauntered up to a big group of people and started dropping hints about its sweet moves on the dance floor . . . Okay, that’s not exactly what’s happening here, but it sure felt like that to many bank executives who heard the […]

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Improve Your Insights Storytelling With Speedthrough Stories

Cinny Little March 22, 2018

Have you ever met an executive by chance in a hallway and they asked you about some data-to-insights work you’ve presented? And you were caught off guard and didn’t explain it well?   We’ve all been there. When we come up short like that, we’re leaving money – and time – on the table. We just […]

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Revolutionize Your Marketing Insights

Tina Moffett March 1, 2018

The mundane exercise of measuring and analyzing marketing performance has gotten a much-needed boost over the past few years thanks to the development of advanced test and learn approaches, attribution modeling, and, even marketing mix modeling. Advanced marketers with rigorous marketing performance standards  must consider advancing their marketing insights, by bridging the gap between marketing […]

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The Data Digest: Consumers Want Devices To Talk Back

Anjali Lai February 20, 2018

My parents were recently gifted their first Amazon Echo — and as you might guess, I’ve been thrilled to observe first-hand how a household of relative tech Luddites responds to the device. Delighted fascination, tempered by security concerns, drives these Baby Boomers to test the depth of Alexa’s knowledge by asking one-off random questions. My […]

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The Data Digest: The Reasons Why Millennials Embrace Sharing

Jonathan Winkle January 31, 2018

I would like to introduce myself as a new data researcher at Forrester Research. Before joining Forrester, I earned my Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience from Duke University where I focused on building predictive models of decision making. I combined behavioral economics principles with computational methodologies to create robust models of the internal and external motivators […]

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Drive More Impact From Data And Analytics With Insights Storytelling

Cinny Little January 2, 2018

We said this a year ago, but alas, we have to say it again. There’s a big insights-to-actions gap out there.  Firms continue to invest in data, people, and technology, but in 2017, data and analytics pros reported basing fewer business decisions on data (45%) than in 2016 (49%).  If you don’t feel pressured by […]

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The Data Digest: The Holiday Email Invasion, No Personal Touch At the Holidays? How Cold!

Chris Collins December 7, 2017

Last week was a massive week for marketers. Black Friday 2017 hit record numbers: Not only did shoppers start early, they began clicking at a rate of 2,800 orders per minute, spending $1 million per minute at the peak of Black Friday. Research shows that email is a major driver to get consumers’ attention during […]

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Why The Right Web Analytics Platform Is (Even More) Business-Critical

James McCormick November 10, 2017

Why The Right Web Analytics Platform Is (Even More) Business Critical Forrester just recently published The Forrester Wave™: Web Analytics, Q4 2017. In it we rank the leading web analytics platform provides including Adobe, AT Internet, Cooladata, Google, IBM, Mixpanel, and Webtrekk. “Why should I care?”, you may ask.  After all when it comes to […]

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Insights-Driven Businesses Have Different DNA

Brian Hopkins October 19, 2017

Like many digital native startups, data analytics underpinned peer-to-peer eCommerce site Etsy’s operations since the company was founded in 2005. In their early days , their struggles to achieve true customer understanding led to poor digital experiences for its sellers and the failure to accurately capture customer preferences. Etsy turned this around by building out […]

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CDOs Drive Change, Build Trust, And Foster Insights-Driven Organizations

Jennifer Belissent, Ph.D. October 18, 2017

Organization are slow to change but technology changes quickly. If you leave the organization as is many won’t catch up with the change, and the technology maturity gap will widen between them over time. I saw this described in breakout panel at Strata Data in New York a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, the speaker left […]

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A New Age For Smart Cities: Q&A

Jennifer Belissent, Ph.D. October 6, 2017

Last week I presented a webinar “A New Age for Smart Cities” as part of Philips’ Lighting University. Many cities have invested in new lighting initiatives replacing traditional lights with LED solutions including remote management capabilities.  But the talk last week stressed the need for these initiatives to be part of a broader strategy.  It […]

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In A Brave New World Of Viewing, Consumers Need A New TV Guide

Kristopher Arcand October 5, 2017

Streaming behavior continues to increase among consumers, and TV viewing – whether it is through live TV, DVRs, or OTT devices – is a critical part of the viewing mix. With the recent surge in streaming offerings (both individual and those from cable/network content providers), consumers are seizing the chance to control what, when, and […]

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