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What The IPG Acxiom Deal Means For Marketers

Jay Pattisall July 6, 2018

IPG announced a deal to acquire Acxiom Marketing Services to much fanfare from the business press and financial analysts praising the potential of marketing powered by Acxiom’s data and IPG’s growing ad tech capabilities. However, before we rush to applaud IPG’s business acumen and industry foresight let’s unpack the implications. What Should Marketers Expect From […]

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Who Owns The Data In Your IoT Platform? It Doesn’t Have To Be Confusing

Paul Miller March 13, 2018

Software platforms to support the industrial internet of things (IoT) are becoming very credible options. But despite their appeal, I constantly hear from clients who are wary. These clients don’t doubt the technical capabilities of the platform, or the pricing strategy, or the industrial nous of their preferred vendor. But they are confused about who […]

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Introducing The New Insights Service Provider

Jennifer Belissent, Ph.D. February 12, 2016

Do you ever feel like you’re facing a moving target?  Whether it’s the latest customer requirements, or how to improve operations, or to retain your best employees, or to price your products, the context in which you are doing business is increasingly dynamic.  And, so are the tools you need to better understand that context?  […]

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Predictions For The Data Economy In 2015

Gene Leganza November 4, 2014

The data economy — or the system that provides for the exchange of digitized information for the purpose of creating insights and value — grew in 2014, but in 2015 we’ll see it leap forward significantly. It will grow from a phenomenon that mainstream enterprises view at arm’s length as interesting to one that they […]

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The Emerging Role For SVM Professionals In The Data Economy

Forrester May 28, 2014

Recent survey data from Forrester reveals that external third-party data is rapidly rising in importance to organizations. Such third-party data sets are rising in importance partially because they provide opportunities to take advantage of the explosion in data sources — for example, from data generated by the proliferation of mobile and other sensor-enabled devices. External […]

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Double Down On Data: Who Ya Gonna Call?

Jennifer Belissent, Ph.D. May 14, 2014

An explosion of data is revolutionizing business practices. The availability of new data sources and delivery models provides unprecedented insights into customer and partner behavior and enables much improved capacity to understand and optimize business processes and operations. Real time data allows companies to fine tune inventories and in-store product placement; it allows restaurants to […]

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The Data Digest: Emotional Connections, Engaged Employees, And Better Business Results In Asia Pacific

Anjali Lai May 1, 2014

When Satya Nadella assumed his role as CEO of Microsoft, he shared a profound statement in a companywide email: “I truly believe that each of us must find meaning in our work. The best work happens when you know that it’s not just work, but something that will improve other people’s lives. This is the opportunity that […]

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Organizations Will Rapidly Ramp Up Data Services Spend In 2014

Forrester February 6, 2014

Improving the use of data and analytics is a top strategic priority for many companies. But organizations face major challenges ramping up their information management capabilities — in particular due to the combination of a brutal proliferation of new or enhanced technologies, emerging data sources, and difficulty in finding skilled people with the appropriate experience. […]

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An Eclectic Market Of Data Management Services Is Emerging

Forrester November 1, 2013

Major industry dynamics such as digital disruption are causing chaos and upheaval even in mature industries. To help navigate the changes that result, companies are placing an ever greater premium on data-driven insights. Put simply, the management and effective utilization of data have become essential for competitive survival — but the growing volume and diversity […]

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Information Fabric 3.0 Delivers The Next Generation Of Data Virtualization

Noel Yuhanna August 15, 2013

For decades, firms have deployed applications and BI on independent databases and warehouses, supporting custom data models, scalability, and performance while speeding delivery. It’s become a nightmare to try to integrate the proliferation of data across these sources in order to deliver the unified view of business data required to support new business applications, analytics, […]

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Canonical Information Models Play Important Role In API Layers, Increasing Service Reuse

Forrester May 29, 2012

I attended the third annual Canonical Model Management Forum, May 14-15, 2012, hosted by DigitalML at the hip Washington Plaza Hotel again this year. I saw even more signs than last year that canonical models are key to API layers that many firms are building to promote integration. But first, let me share some data […]

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Canonical Information Modeling - A Best Practice For SOA?

Mike Gilpin May 27, 2011

I recently attended the second annual “Canonical Model Management Forum” at the Washington Plaza Hotel in Washington, DC . Enterprise or information architects from a number of government agencies as well as several of the major banks, insurance companies, retailers, credit-card operators, and other private-sector firms attended the meeting. There was one vendor sponsor (DigitalML, […]

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What Survey Questions Should We Ask IT Infrastructure Buyers?

Frank Gillett May 13, 2010

Every spring I’m faced with the wonderful opportunity – and challenge – of choosing the best questions for Forrester's annual 20 minute Web survey of commercial buyers of IT infrastructure and hardware across North America and Europe. Clients can see the 2009 survey instrument here. In that survey, we learned that only 3% of firms […]

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Launch of Forrester's 2010 Security Survey

Forrester April 15, 2010

We’re just ramping up at Forrester to start our 2010 Business Data Services’ Security Survey. To begin, I’ve started taking a measured look at last year’s questions and data. Additionally, I’ll be incorporating input from those analysts with their ears closest to the ground in various areas, and will be considering the feedback from our […]

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