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The New Role Of Marketing

What It Means May 17, 2018
Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Shar VanBoskirk discusses the new role of marketing — and how acknowledging and embracing change will lead to success.
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Marketing Innovation Starts And Ends With Customer Obsession

Keith Johnston May 10, 2018
Despite all the monumental changes to technology and media that afford marketers the capabilities to build emotion-rich customer relationships, they frequently struggle to rise above roles as brand despots or sales vassals. But don’t blame the tools; it’s because marketing functions are mired in minutiae while prioritizing internal tasks and artificial organizational constraints over solving […]
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The Future Of Organizations

Today's organizational structure has aged out.


From Darling To Workhorse: Programmatic’s Growing Pains And What Comes Next

Joanna O'Connell November 1, 2017
I attended AdExchanger’s semi-annual Programmatic I/O conference last week to absorb the latest in industry talk and get a pulse check on the health and wellness of the programmatic ecosystem. This show was illuminating in that I found signs of both enthusiasm and beleaguerment in equal measure. It felt, in short, like a meaningful corner […]
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