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Sales leaders face myriad pressures, but at the core is a singular imperative: Have a sound strategy for delivering repeatable, scalable sales growth. Read our insights to help build and communicate sales strategy, enhance sales productivity, and deliver consistent results.



Sales Leaders: Four Ways To Set An Achievable Number For 2021

Phil Harrell 2 days ago
Sales leaders should set themselves and their teams up for a successful 2021 by negotiating a realistic and achievable annual quota.
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The “Next Normal” For Sales Will Be Data-Driven

What It Means September 24, 2020
As sales leaders plan for 2021, leaning into data and insights will be key to success. Vice President and Research Director Mike Pregler explains why and dives into other action items for sales leaders in this week’s episode.
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Planning Assumptions 2021: Chief Sales Officers

Shifting buyer expectations and the pivot to virtual selling require sales leaders to build new strategies. Find actionable advice for navigating and succeeding in the “next normal.”


B2B Chief Sales Officers: 2021 Planning Assumptions

September 22, 2020
Against a backdrop of continued uncertainty, B2B sales leaders must forge a clear path forward. Learn what success in the year ahead will require.
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Is Your Sales Organization Ready To Emerge Its Fittest Self?

Mike Pregler September 18, 2020
Looking ahead to 2021, sales leaders mush shift from adapting to the “new normal” to proactively planning for the recovery and their “next normal.”
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Introducing Planning Assumptions 2021: Seizing Opportunity Amid Disruption

Monica Behncke September 17, 2020
Amid unprecedented uncertainty lies vast opportunity for B2B leaders. Monica Behncke, Vice President, SiriusDecisions Research, explains in her introduction to Forrester’s SiriusDecisions 2021 Planning Assumptions.
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Prepare Your Organization’s Path Back to Growth at Summit EMEA

Anthony McPartlin August 19, 2020
  • The Forrester SiriusDecisions Summit EMEA virtual event will be held October 6–7
  • This year’s event is an integrated and immersive virtual experience that brings together live presentations, discussion, and analyst meetups
  • We preview some of the sales-related topics that will be covered at the 2020 Summit EMEA sessions
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The Forrester SiriusDecisions Summit Asia Pacific 2020: Learning What Sales Leaders in Asia Do to Win

Phil Harrell July 30, 2020
Summit plenary sessions will include actionable insights about changing B2B buying habits and practical advice about how to create resilient sales plans to navigate turbulent times. Sales-specific track sessions will outline how to build a best-in-class outbound prospecting organization, how to select and implement a sales methodology, and how to adopt dynamic selling. technology
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Chief Sales Officers: 2021 Planning Assumptions

Against a backdrop of continued uncertainty, B2B sales leaders must forge a clear path forward. In this webinar, learn what success in the year ahead will require.


The Forrester SiriusDecisions Asia Pacific Summit 2020: Tackling Our New B2B Normal

Paul Dolan July 28, 2020
  • The new work-from-home norm has challenged us to create an innovative virtual APAC Summit in Singapore this September
  • For the first time at our the event, we will have a series of track sessions dedicated to the priorities of sales leadership in addition to the usual track sessions aligned to the priorities of marketing leaders
  • We have four Program of the Year winners, showcasing transformative marketing initiatives through a series of fireside chats with our SiriusDecisions analysts
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The Channel Sales Leader’s Challenge — No Planking, Ice Bucket, or Dancing Required!

Chris Cleary July 22, 2020
  • The Channel Sales Leader’s Challenge aims to promote awareness of the issues channel sales leaders face in 2020
  • Channel partners present a complicating factor — execution in indirect sales is mostly influence vs. mostly control for direct sales
  • The channel comp paradox frustrates channel sales leaders and is impossible to capture as a data point
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Use Science to Improve Sales Team Productivity and Build a “Seller-Friendly” Culture

Phil Harrell July 7, 2020
A fundamental approach to solving sales productivity challenges is to understand where reps invest their most precious asset — their time — and to address sales rep efficiency. Understanding why reps are spending time on non-productive tasks, and then freeing up that time so they can spend more time selling is a data-driven approach.
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18 Ways Teleservices Teams Can Add Value When Calling Is Uncertain

Amy Hawthorne May 28, 2020
  • Businesses whose teleservices reps are working from home are having to evolve how they engage with prospects
  • Teleservices teams should use remote working time  to experiment with new approaches, connect buying groups in target accounts, improve product and tool knowledge, and polish their external appearance
  • While marketing teams are adjusting programs and outreach plans, teleservices teams are focusing on documenting best practices, processes, and plans for next steps
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Why Not Both? How to Transform Your Buyer’s Journey While Increasing Revenue Efficiency

Jessica Lillian May 5, 2020
  • Devoting effort to revamping the go-to-market playbook and transforming the buyer’s journey might initially seem like a strange choice in a time of tightened budgets
  • At this year’s Summit, Phil Harrell explained why now is actually the perfect time to create a new and improved buyer’s journey
  • Keep an eye on the LTV/CAC ratio to increase efficiency and create a buyer’s journey that accommodates the preferences of today’s buyers
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Sales Activity Study

Identify productivity roadblocks for your sales reps and start paving the way to greater efficiency.


A Rose by Any Other Name: The Foundations of Business Development Excellence

Kevin Avery April 30, 2020
  • Sales leaders maniacally seek to increase core selling time
  • Organizations must feed sellers real opportunities, not leads
  • Size your teleprospecting group adequately and set realistic expectations about output
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A Sales Executive’s Perspective on Alignment: Outdated Stereotypes, Pipeline and Revenue Goals for Marketing

Phil Harrell March 4, 2020
  • Despite compelling evidence that tight sales and marketing alignment drives superior business results, executives struggle to drive alignment between their functions

  • Sales executives can drive alignment by updating outdated stereotypes about the other functions

  • Establishing pipeline and revenue contribution targets for marketing is critical; without agreement on goals, all alignment efforts are doomed to failure
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Getting and Keeping a Seat at the Table: What Channel Sales Leaders Need to Do Differently

Stephanie Sissler February 18, 2020
  • Channel sales leaders must sharpen their business acumen and align their actions with the company’s strategy to gain internal support
  • Today’s buyers and solutions are changing, making it imperative to increase the rigor around recruitment and determine whether current partners are the right ones
  • Channel sales leaders must become trusted advisors to other company leaders — e.g. by providing peers with the data and insights they need to succeed
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Lighten the Load on Your Sales Organization to Move Faster!

Mike Pregler February 10, 2020
  • Many emerging-growth organizations are using inside sales as a fast and agile way to accelerate revenue growth
  • Mature organizations are using inside sales as a cost-efficient way to continue and expand revenue growth
  • A sales leader should follow five essential steps to stand up the inside sales function
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Sales Investment Strategy: The Constant Balancing Act for CSOs

Mike Pregler December 30, 2019
  • Digital transformation compels sales leaders to benchmark the structure and efficiency of their organizations
  • Cost-efficient revenue growth requires continual optimization of organizational investment across all sales roles
  • As organizations grow and mature, sales leaders increase their percentage of inside and indirect channel reps relative to their percentage of direct field reps
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The SiriusDecisions Channel Operating Model

Increase speed to market and streamline channel success.


‘Twas the Night Before Year End: A Visit from Sales Enablement

Peter Ostrow December 16, 2019
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Why Customer Success Is Critical to Helping Sales Leaders Meet Quota

Phil Harrell November 19, 2019
  • B2B buyers are demanding a new and improved customer experience that enables them to quickly realize value from the solutions they purchase
  • Sales leaders must look beyond closing the initial deal and focus on customer retention, growth and advocacy to grow revenue

  • Sales structures must enable customer-facing teams to deliver a compelling customer experience, and customer success should be viewed as a strategic growth engine
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Five Ways Channel Partner Success Mirrors Hiking the Grand Canyon

Dara Schulenberg November 7, 2019
  • Channel partner success is a product of preparation, planning and execution
  • Ongoing monitoring and adjustment of the plan is a strategic imperative
  • Nothing is more satisfying than accomplishing a mutual goal together
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