Sales Leaders

Accelerate Revenue And Drive Consistent, Scalable Results

For today’s heads of sales, making the number isn’t enough. You also need to prove that you can build a focused sales strategy — as well as replicate and scale success for continued strong results. Meanwhile, shifting buying dynamics have introduced new challenges and complexity and require new approaches. Yesterday’s playbook no longer suffices, and the way you operate today may not serve you tomorrow.

Achieve Your Priorities

The starting point for sales success is a clear, comprehensive strategy. But a focused and aligned sales strategy is just one of your many priorities. You’re also tasked with:

  • Transforming your sales strategy
  • Driving profitability through channel sales
  • Optimizing sales organizational design and investments
  • Attracting and retaining top sales talent
  • Improving prospecting and lead generation
  • Designing executional processes that drive growth
  • Improving sales productivity

Guidance From Those Who Have Been There

Forrester sales analysts are former sales leaders who understand the challenges you face. Through hands-on guidance and straightforward best-practice research, Forrester arms you and your team with proven strategies, processes, and tools to deliver repeatable, predictable, and scalable revenue growth.

Build a resilient sales strategy.

Develop a sales strategy that helps you deliver on corporate go-to-market goals and stay ahead of a changing buyer landscape.

Increase sales execution and productivity.

Strengthen sales effectiveness so you can close on opportunities faster. Drive continuous improvement by assessing sales productivity on key metrics.

Develop top talent.

Implement a comprehensive talent management process to attract, onboard, and retain the talent needed to reach growth goals.

Leading-Edge Insights, Guidance, And Tools

When you work with Forrester, you gain access to research, resources, and expertise that help you anticipate what’s ahead and make better informed decisions.

SiriusDecisons Sales Executive Research

Access leading-edge research and insights in the areas that matter most to you, and gain practical guidance from former sales leaders to help you strategize, plan, and

  • Forrester SiriusDecisions Summit

    Preview new best-practices research, discover sales innovations, and network with peers at the premier annual gathering for B2B sales, marketing, and product leaders.

  • Analyst Speaking Engagements

    Elevate your events and audience engagement with thought-leading content presented by Forrester analysts.

  • Total Economic Impact™ Assets

    Empower your sales team with ROI tools, case studies, and business proof points that demonstrate the tangible value of your firm's technology products and services​.

Research Spotlight

Sales Operating Model

Sales leaders need a programmatic approach for building a revenue engine that produces consistent results. Yet often, they struggle to communicate the standards and processes they’ve implemented to achieve that goal. Our Sales Operating Model provides a clear blueprint for building a high-performance sales machine, including the processes, people, strategy, and data required for success.


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Meet Our Sales Analysts

Your Blueprint For A More Productive Sales Force

Organizations invest heavily in technology and training to enable sales productivity. Even so, maximizing productivity can be an elusive goal. Our research has shown that sales reps spend more time on non-core selling tasks such as writing expense reports and travel planning than engaging with clients and prospects.

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