Forrester Decisions for Revenue Operations

B2B organizations risk delivering inconsistent, negative customer experiences if they have disparate processes, technologies, and customer hand-off points. Generate customer value that accelerates growth by purposefully integrating and aligning operations across the revenue ecosystem.

Forrester Decisions for Revenue Operations helps business leaders align around the customer as they integrate and turbocharge the growth engine. With a combination of bold vision, curated tools and frameworks, and hands-on guidance, you’ll drive operational alignment that results in higher customer value, revenue, and profitability.

Operationalize The Customer-Obsessed Growth Engine

Bridge Strategy And Execution

Connect the dots between strategy and execution by orchestrating actionable steps to meet revenue plan targets.

Improve Productivity And Performance

Streamline processes and optimize technology across marketing, sales, and customer success to increase productivity and support the achievement of annual revenue goals.

Enable Consistent Growth

Break down data silos across the business to ensure consistency in all customer acquisition, growth, and retention interactions.

Key Priorities

As a revenue operations leader, you’re expected to drive tight alignment and productivity across the entire organization. Forrester Decisions for Revenue Operations is tailored to help you focus on your most pressing priorities:

  • Bridge strategy and execution with integrated planning and budgeting.
  • Align revenue ecosystem processes and manage change.
  • Drive actionable insights and performance measurement.
  • Establish an operational data strategy advantage.
  • Deliver value through revenue technology.
  • Motivate performance through sales compensation.
  • Design high-performing revenue operations teams.

What’s Included In This Service

Forrester Decisions services are uniquely built to give you strategic insights for your role as a business leader in your organization and help you deliver on your functional role as the revenue production leader. Here’s what’s inside:

Stay ahead of changing customer and market dynamics, plan for the future, and set your strategy with leading research. ​

  • Customer obsession research
  • Customer insights
  • Trends and predictions
  • Market forecasts
  • Technology and service provider landscapes

Empower your team to conquer your priorities with proven strategic models and plug-and-play templates. ​

  • Metrics and peer benchmarks
  • Assessments​
  • Strategic models​
  • Strategy templates​
  • Forrester Wave™ evaluations for your function
  • Certification courses

Accelerate progress and de-risk decisions with best practices tailored to you and your team.

  • Guidance sessions​
  • Peer discussions
  • Event attendance​
  • Dedicated relationship management

We experienced extremely improved go-to-market activity, with greater bookings and opportunity generation and conversion.

Former VP, GTM Operations at VMware Carbon Black

Service Model Spotlight

The Forrester Customer-Obsessed Revenue Operations Strategy Model

The Forrester Customer-Obsessed Revenue Operations Strategy Model details five elements revenue operations must integrate across the growth engine to enable an optimal customer experience. Only through this creation of customer value will an organization be able to achieve its commercial potential.

Support For Executives, Leaders, And Team Members

Forrester Decisions for Revenue Operations offers multiple levels of service to ensure the right expertise and degree of support for you and your team. All service levels offer access to research, tools, data, and certification courses.



Procure deep expertise across your functional discipline through expert-led guidance sessions that help you apply unique research, tools, and data to your specific needs.


Develop a common language and toolset to strengthen your team’s expertise and skill sets with access to relevant certification courses and insights.

Meet A Few Of Our Revenue Operations Analysts

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