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Five Productivity Obstacles Sales Organizations Need To Overcome

Phil Harrell May 26, 2021
Improving reps' productivity is a key priority for many sales leaders. The first step to achieving this is to truly understand the productivity obstacles today’s sales teams face.
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Sales Activity Study

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Moneyball For B2B Sales: The Insights-Driven Sales System

Phil Harrell May 21, 2021
Just as using a scientific approach boosted the fortunes of major league baseball teams, so should sales teams use data and analytics to lift productivity and performance.
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Improving Sales Productivity Is Never A One-And-Done Effort 

Phil Harrell May 19, 2021
To get the most value from conducting a sales activity study — and to sustain that value — sales leaders need to continuously look for opportunities to fine-tune.
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Welcome To The Future: Have You Heard About The 5 P’s Of Sales?

Phil Harrell May 6, 2021
Learn about the characteristics that sales organizations will need to gain and maintain a competitive edge.
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Optimizing The Outside Sales/Inside Sales Mix

Robert Munoz April 30, 2021
Inside sales and field sales activities and roles have blurred, as both sellers and buyers enabled with digital tools have confirmed the physical and virtual boundaries that separate “outside” and “inside” sellers don’t matter anymore. Inside sales reps can close big deals — often more efficiently and at a lower cost than traditional field sellers, […]
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Why Sales Leaders Must Leverage A Systematic Approach To Earn, Retain, And Grow Customers

Phil Harrell April 29, 2021
Changing buyer preferences and remote work have forced sales organizations to rethink how and where they sell. An insights-driven, team-oriented approach is needed to succeed. Learn more at next week's B2B Summit North America.
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Sales Operations As Switzerland: How Sales Leaders Can Avoid The Politics Of Territory Design

Anne Slough April 12, 2021
Territory design and the subsequent application and management of those plans is fraught with opportunities for distortion by human intervention. In her latest blog post, Anne Slough discusses the critical role that sales operations plays to maintain equity in the territory design process.
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Sales Leaders: What Happens When We All Get To Travel Again?

Peter Ostrow March 2, 2021
Pretty soon, we’re going to start booking business travel again. After the initial endorphin release, how much will we have learned from selling in a work-from-home world?
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Quoting Is About More Than Just Efficiency — It’s Also A Key Sales Driver

Seth Marrs September 28, 2020
Discover how to use quoting results to identify cross-sell opportunities and improve sales productivity.
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Use Science to Improve Sales Team Productivity and Build a “Seller-Friendly” Culture

Phil Harrell July 7, 2020
A fundamental approach to solving sales productivity challenges is to understand where reps invest their most precious asset — their time — and to address sales rep efficiency. Understanding why reps are spending time on non-productive tasks, and then freeing up that time so they can spend more time selling is a data-driven approach.
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New Sales Operations Sunburst Model Debuts at Summit

Mike Belden May 7, 2020
  • Steve Silver of Forrester introduced the latest version of the SiriusDecisions Sales Operations Sunburst at Summit 2020
  • The Sales Operations Sunburst Model defines the core responsibilities of sales operations
  • The new version of the model provides a detailed breakdown of six key accountabilities
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Quantify Your Sales Reps’ Time

Gain clarity on your sales team’s productivity by understanding how reps allocate their time.


Rebooting The Sales-Marketing Relationship

What It Means February 27, 2020
The sales-marketing divide of old lives on at many companies. Overcoming it is critical to giving today's savvy buyers the seamless experience that they expect. On this week’s What It Means, Phil Harrell, vice president and group director, explains how to bridge the disconnect to drive better results.
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