Your CEO may be the exception that proves the rule. But most CEOs don’t fully understand the impact emerging digital technologies will have on their industry in the next ten years. They think they do, but they typically limit their thinking through no fault of their own. If changing your business to become a digital business is not the number one goal of your CEO, he doesn’t yet understand digital.

What’s worse, the Boards of public companies are filled with executives who also don’t get it. If they did, they would realize their number one responsibility is to ensure shareholders have a viable business in future years by making sure digital transformation the number one priority of the CEO.

I spend a lot of time working with clients on how to think about digital differently. Digital is not a website. Digital is not a mobile app. Digital is not social media. Digital is a way of thinking, a way looking at the business differently; it requires a broad understanding of how technology will change the world, and the ability to meld that understanding with a passion for creating value for customers.

A digital business uses emerging technologies to help customers get to the outcomes they value better than they could before.

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