When you want to improve your physical fitness, you turn to the pros — a trainer, maybe a doctor — and you ask them to give you an assessment. They run some tests, generate some numbers, and they review the results with you. They tell you how fit you are and help you make a plan to improve your fitness. But what do you do when you want to improve your fitness for the future? Who are the pros you can turn to, and what assessment will they run?

We are the pros, and this is our assessment. Welcome to Forrester Future Fit. Twenty years of surveying millions of consumers in 20 countries about everything from iPods to augmented reality has taught us who is ready for the future — who is more fit to explore and even shape what is coming next.

Forrester clients can read about Future Fit in great detail in the report that launches it, “Introducing Forrester Future Fit.” But client or not, your next step should be obvious: You want to know how fit you are.

Find out by taking this 5-minute survey. You’ll answer a few quick questions, all of which will be confidential and not traceable to you. At the end, you’ll find out where on our scale of 1 to 100 you score — high (80–100), medium (50–80), or low (up to 50). Then you’ll get a summary of the nine crucial attributes of future fitness based on your group score.

This is step 1. After you get your results, you will be invited to take the next step, which is to sign up to participate in the next wave of future fitness, where we dive deep into your personal fitness, assessing your individual score on the nine attributes of future fitness and providing personalized resources that can improve — training and strengthening, as it were — your future fitness.


Forrester report: Introducing Forrester Future Fit
Survey: Future Fitness quick assessment tool
Sign up: Get on the list for the deep-dive personal fitness assessment experience


James McQuivey, PhD is not just the creator of future fitness — he’s the first client and is improving his fitness even now! He also authored the classic book on consumer-led digital transformation, Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation.