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Customer Insights & Analytics

Data as oil is an apt analogy; oil deposits sit across multiple sites, and companies work hard to create efficient and effective refinery and delivery models to convert data to fuel.

For many companies, powerful and consistent insights are the elusive invaluable. Data are dispersed across diverse systems and strewn across operational (and political) silos. Well-meaning and well-designed dashboards thrive across the enterprise giving multiple views of the truth with measures that matter and some that clutter. Firms struggle with bringing in objective, complete, and sometimes sobering, customer insights and voices to challenge strategy and operating norms.

Forrester helps customer insights and analytics professionals convert data potential to kinetic energy with expert guidance on building systems of insights — everything from data governance to decisioning.

Insights for Customer Insights & Analytics Professionals


Digital-First Customer Service Solutions Emerge As Their Own Software Category

More customers are using self-service as a first point of contact during the pandemic. Learn how companies are working to improve the experience.
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The Future Of B2C Buying In Europe: May You Live In Interesting Times

The pandemic has accelerated European brands' digital transformation and put company values in sharper focus. In our upcoming webinar series, learn how business leaders should respond.
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Use Data To Drive CX Project Prioritization

Discover an insights-driven approach to determine which CX projects will have the greatest impact and how to use your resources with maximum efficiency.

How Does Your Brand’s CX Stack Up?

Is your brand top of the pack or falling behind? Discover how your customers rated your brand's experiences in the 2020 CX Index™ results.

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