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It’s a hostile, low-trust world out there. Cybersecurity risks amplify across the globe through individual, orchestrated, and State actors that seek grandiose disruption and strategic economic gains; privacy as a human right is a real and growing mandate, all while consumers are increasingly cynical whether they can trust institutions and brands.

Security and risk professionals are no longer simply charged with putting a perimeter around the enterprise to protect assets; they are charged to deliver on one of the most potent forces in the market: trust.

Trust may be a currency, but it’s hard to gain and protect — and when lost, is elusive and costly to repair.

Forrester helps security and risk professionals to procure trust through Zero Trust, a mindset and operational capability that gives you tools geared to a market of high-risk, low-trust, and severe consequence.

Insights for Security & Risk Professionals


Blockchain And GDPR: Not Mutually Exclusive But Can Be A Toxic Blend

While GDPR poses certain challenges to distributed ledger technologies, it doesn’t make them obsolete or unviable. Here are six things to consider with your blockchain strategy.

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Phishing: The Simple Attack That Shreds The Defenses of Sensitive Networks

A recent report by Area 1 Security reveals that a three-year-long cyberattack led to the breach of the EU’s diplomatic communications network. By focusing on the cybersecurity of the weakest link, the information of all EU-28 member states has been compromised.

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January 23, 2019

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