Ways To Access Research

How can I get access to Forrester’s research?

You need a “User License” (license) to access Forrester’s research, data, and frameworks, attend webinars, and engage with our analysts. In most cases, licenses are part of a broader subscription agreement purchased by your employer.

If you do not have a license, contact your company’s Forrester account administrator or your Forrester account manager to learn which product and level of service is best for you. Contact us if you do not know your Forrester account administrator or account team.

Where do I access Forrester’s research?

You can search, view, and download research on the Forrester platform at www.forrester.com. To successfully login to the platform, you will need a valid Registration ID number from your company administrator or account manager. With your Registration ID, you can create a username and password.

If you don’t know your Registration ID number, contact your Forrester account administrator. Contact us if you do not know your Forrester account administrator or account team.

Can I share my username and password?

No. If you are a client, you are responsible for keeping your password confidential. As part of our Terms of Use, you agree not to share your password or to otherwise allow others to access the Forrester platform using your account. You take responsibility for any activity that occurs through the use of your account, and you agree to notify us immediately if anyone has accessed your account or has obtained your password.

What if I can’t find the research I’m looking for?

Research Request is a complimentary service available to all Forrester license holders. Based on your needs, a Customer Success Specialist will locate the most relevant published research. You can submit your question through the “Ask Forrester” button found at the bottom of all reports and most pages on the Forrester platform. You will receive a written response within two business days.

Can I access research outside of the service I purchased?

Depending on your research subscription, you can access research outside of the service you purchased using a Courtesy View. For example, a Courtesy View allows a Forrester Decisions for Customer Experience license holder to access a report published to the Forrester Decisions for Technology Executives service. Read more on Courtesy Views below.

What is a Courtesy View?

Courtesy Views allow you to access research not included in the research service you purchased. Courtesy Views can be redeemed and tracked through the digital experience and are available to the following types of clients and increments:

  • Forrester Decisions clients at all levels of services receive five Courtesy Views per contract year.
  • SiriusDecisions Research clients receive five Courtesy Views per contract year.
  • BT and M&S Research clients receive 10 Courtesy Views per contract year.
  • Forrester Market Insights clients and Bold Vision Access clients do not receive access to Courtesy Views.

If I have access to more than one service, do I receive access to more Courtesy Views?

Yes, they are additive. For example, if you have access to Forrester Decisions for Marketing Operations and Forrester Decisions for Demand & ABM, you receive 10 Courtesy Views per contract year.

What if I exceed my Courtesy Views and want access to additional content that is outside my subscription?

If you exceed your Courtesy View limit, contact your account team who will provide guidance. While additional Courtesy Views are not sold as an add-on, Forrester can provide alternatives such as Internal Reprints. You can also ask a colleague with a Forrester license to share the report with you using the options available to them.

What is the best way to find the research I’m interested in?

Here are several suggestions to help you locate research you’re interested in:

  • Enter a topic, report title, or analyst’s name in the search box.
  • Review your Forrester homepage that is personalized based on your interests and regularly updated to showcase our latest research.
  • Access the recommended research, tools, and frameworks for your function on the Services tab.
  • Explore Forrester’s most popular research, understand tech landscapes and waves, and see our bold market calls on the Insights tab.
  • Setup daily or weekly email alerts on research related to your interests.
  • Contact your account team to schedule a personal web demonstration.

How do I save research within my personal digital experience?

You can save research via “My Library” or “My Workspace.”