IT Leaders

Tackling Challenges On The Road To Digital Transformation

As an IT leader, you’re currently facing an unprecedented set of challenges in preparing your organization for an unpredictable future. You’re responsible for not only identifying and deploying the right technologies to transform and differentiate your business to more digitally savvy customers but also continuously optimizing the employee experience to enable a more agile and efficient workforce. Expert and unbiased advice is critical to making confident decisions about your firm’s digital transformation.

Achieve Your Priorities

You’re under increased pressure to show greater business impact from the technology and services you select to power both the customer and employee experience. Your scope of responsibility today requires that you:

  • Optimize your tech stack for flexibility and differentiation
  • Drive agile mindsets and roadmaps
  • Accelerate digital transformation and innovation
  • Embrace AI, automation, and robotics
  • Keep the company safe and resilient
  • Tap changing and emerging technologies
  • Improve employee experience

How Forrester Helps IT Leaders

As the leader in customer-centric business and technology research, Forrester partners with CIOs and IT leaders to embrace technology trends and new ways of leading and operating that drive adaptive strategies and deliver differentiation through digital transformation.

Amplify your role.

Develop your voice as a business leader in the organization and on the executive team.

Align to transformation.

Achieve buy-in and drive action across the organization on impactful technology initiatives.

Elevate your team.

Teach your organization to embrace changing technology and use it to address new customer needs.

Leading-Edge Insights, Guidance, And Tools

Forrester Research

Forrester's research is backed by deep customer insights and aligned to IT leader priorities to help you keep pace with technology trends and drive the business forward on transformational

  • Planning Your Technology Roadmap

    Keeping track of new technology is a full-time job. Forrester consultants provide clients hands-on guidance founded in our exclusive research to develop a unique IT roadmap to meet your organization's goals.

  • Vendor Selection And Engagement

    Selecting the right technology vendor can feel like going out on a limb alone. Forrester's technology analysts provide clients expert advice and detailed vendor assessments to help you make confident technology choices, balancing service delivery, agility, innovation, and cost.

Research Spotlight

Advanced Digital Businesses Win Through Tech-Driven Business Innovation

The most advanced customer-obsessed firms use chains of technology innovation to deliver exceptional customer experience and operational excellence. However, most firms struggle to reach this point due to outdated technologies and methods of working. This research provides Forrester’s vision for IT leaders and CIOs and shows you what your firm must do to get there.


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Forrester reframed our approach and altered my vision of what our cloud strategy would be.

-CIO, utility company

The Executive’s Guide To The Future Of Work

The Executive’s Guide To The Future Of WorkFor many IT organizations, the global pandemic and economic challenges have created a new list of must-have priorities that let your firm adapt to the turbulent times. Suddenly, the revolution in the future of work materialized in a matter of weeks — not years.

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