Forrester data shows that while 72% of businesses say improving customer experience is their top priority, only 63% of marketers prioritize implementing technology investments that will help them reach this goal. In a new report, Forrester covers why old-school marketing and technology leadership must evolve to strive in the age of the customer — meaning that CIOs and CMOs must work together on an approach that connects technology to the customer through marketing.

Key findings include the following:

  • Forty-nine percent of CMOs indicate that tech management is still too slow to meet their needs — the pressure is now on for CIOs to replace slow and complex tech with fast and simple solutions to get to market faster.
  • CMOs and CIOs are best positioned to lead the alignment of six operational levers that run the customer-obsessed operating system: structure, culture, talent, metrics, processes, and technologies.
  • A customer-obsessed operating model requires your technology infrastructure to evolve at the customer’s pace. To respond, firms must build a flexible technology architecture that continuously adapts to changing customer expectations with the capability to deliver new sources of customer value through advanced data analytics and machine learning.

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