Companies worldwide are thinking about what an ideal “return to work” scenario should look like for their employees. According to Forrester, a striking 75% of CEOs expect their office spaces to shrink. At the same time, it’s predicted that 70% of US and European companies will pivot to a hybrid work model post-pandemic. Yet every business currently stands at a crossroad: what is the best return to work strategy for their organization and how do they drive employee engagement while finding the right balance between in-person/remote work?  

After more than a year of working remotely, employees’ expectations of their employers have changed drastically. As a result, companies need to reassess their policies and working arrangements. Forrester analysts have been exploring which elements and strategies will help organizations recruit and retain the best talent and deliver greater employee experiences in the post-pandemic work environment. Their insights are outlined and explored across several reports, including:  

  • The Future Of The Office
    • This report stems from Forrester interviews with 45 companies and 722 employees to understand the changing nature of the office, what it will look like in the future, and what leaders should plan for today. Further information can be found here for reference.
  • A Human-Centered Frontline Workforce Strategy Allows All Stakeholders to Thrive
    • This report explains the pain points that employees and businesses currently face, illustrates some of the solutions that firms have attempted, and provides human-centered recommendations that apply across all sectors of the frontline workforce.
  • COVID-19-Related Absenteeism And Your Workforce: A Systemic Risk Calculator
    • In 2022, COVID-19 is creating a little-discussed risk to the workforce in the form of absenteeism. In this report, Forrester offers a calculator that leaders can use to find your company’s specific costs of absenteeism as well as actions they can take to mitigate those costs. More information on this topic can accessed here (One, Two).
  • Your Virtual Office In The Cloud
    • This research explores the current state of virtual worlds in preparation for future uses, which will become increasingly important to the future of work.
  • Rethink Your Smart Office Strategy 
    • This report outlines five factors that drive employee engagement in the workplace: employee safety; space and resource efficiency; individual productivity; collaboration; and inspiration. 

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