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Compelling ideas drive buyer action. Engage and educate your audience with Forrester’s reprint offerings.

  • Digital report reprints

    Create urgency, educate your buyers on markets and trends, and provide context for your solution’s strengths.

  • Microsites

    Showcase Forrester’s research alongside your expertise and product information in a compelling online experience.

Digital report reprints

A digital Forrester research reprint helps you tell your story and drive demand with your target audience.

  • Add a custom introduction section and a dedicated section for your product, company, and contact details.
  • Highlight your solutions and call-to-action links directly in the report with text boxes next to relevant paragraphs.
  • Select licensing options to align with your campaign objectives and marketing budget.
  • Gain insight into the effectiveness of your content with advanced analytics.

Learn how to leverage reprints for your campaigns (1:19).


A customizable microsite, built and hosted by Forrester, allows you to educate your audience, build brand awareness, and generate leads.

  • Attract the right buyers with Forrester’s research and your expertise.
  • Drive engagement with different content types and formats like videos or podcasts.
  • Gain insight into the effectiveness of your content with usage analytics.
  • Update the content quarterly to keep it current.

Note: All content is subject to Forrester’s Citations guidelines and approval.

Assessments for lead generation

Drive buyer action with tailored recommendations from Forrester.

What’s included:

  • Research report reprint to drive interest and educate your market, leveraging Forrester’s thought leadership.
  • Interactive, mobile-friendly assessment model that is easy to integrate into your marketing software and CRM systems.
  • Introductory video with a Forrester analyst to promote the assessment.
  • Individualized Assessment Summary report summarizing your prospects' assessment results with Forrester's analysis and your calls to action.

Learn how to generate and qualify leads with interactive assessments (01:15).

“As part of our content creation efforts, we invest in Forrester’s reprints on trends in B2B marketing and distribute those reports to qualified prospects during our lead-to-revenue process. Forrester’s content has such high quality and credibility that our target buyers, B2B marketers, want to engage deeper with our company when they see that we appreciate the value of the content. The return on investment in leads, conversions and closes is highly positive.”

Tyler Lessard


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