CX Index

Companies will increasingly win or lose on the battleground of customer experience. To win, you need actionable CX insights that allow you to prioritize investments that will continuously improve your customers’ experiences.

The most complete and powerful CX metric in the market

Deep, holistic CX insights

Understand the quality of experience you provide to your customers and how that impacts their loyalty. Plus, get your NPS and your CSAT metrics for a complete view of your CX performance.

Competitive benchmarking

See how your CX compares to your competitors’ and where you can differentiate.

Actionable, industry-specific drivers

Get the why behind your CX performance — which experiences need to be improved and how to prioritize those improvements.

Modeling and revenue simulation

Prove the revenue impact of CX improvements and align your CX strategy internally with our easy-to-use revenue simulator.

Data at your fingertips, plus expert insights

CX Index is delivered via an always-on, easy-to-use interactive platform that allows you to customize your CX data based on your business needs and share it across your organization.

CX Index also includes an engagement program with Forrester’s team of CX experts who will work with you to interpret your data and identify business implications and next steps for success.

Discover how CX Index works to provide valuable customer insights about your CX quality. (01:25)

Learn about the CX leadership gap and get the results of the 2017 CX Index benchmark

Tailor the CX Index to your needs

You can also supplement your existing CX research by licensing our proprietary CX Index methodology. When you conduct custom CX Index surveys, Forrester will work with you to assess which CX metrics and analyses are most beneficial for your business and tailor deliverables to your needs.

Contact our team to learn more about Forrester’s custom data services.

Find out your brand’s CX ranking

The CX Index benchmarks the customer experience of more than 600 brands in 16 industries across 7 global markets. Contact us to find out how your brand ranks among competitors in your industry.

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