The Age of the Customer was never going to be easy: customers flexing their muscles, the pace of digital, quiet destruction of industry lines, GDPR as an emerging law of the land, and a new breed of technologies deeply rooted in knowing who your customers are and how they behave. This is an unforgiving market where a leader’s decisions — or lack of decisions — have great consequence but little precedent. You need facts: A seasoned voice that can connect the dots and combine breakout strategies with operational pragmatism, that knows that the pace of ideas and dialogue is fast but the real pace of teams and organizations making deep-rooted change is relatively slow.

Forrester Research focuses on the hardest, most important dynamics of the day; dynamics that have the potential to create extraordinary opportunity for some and put others in desperate straits.

We Help You To See, Interpret, And Act

  • Allows you to see around the corner, creating ideas, forecasts, and scenarios to drive decisions and actions.
  • Brings facts to the table; facts that center and ground discussions and that can help overcome the fear of change.
  • Connects the dots between diverse and dynamic issues, enabling you to build holistic strategies and make operational changes.
  • Gives you clarity and conviction to change the destiny of your company and cement your legacy.


The market demands action at a time when teams can be paralyzed by the magnitude and weight of change. Forrester’s Playbooks give you the tools you need to translate complex strategies into pragmatic, executable steps. Built on best practices and practical experience, they are designed to convert great ideas into results.

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Frameworks & Methodologies

Market dynamics are complex and dynamic; winning strategies must synchronize different levers across the enterprise. Forrester’s frameworks and methodologies help bring structure and clarity to concepts, allowing you to organize thoughts and orchestrate action.

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Analyst Engagement

A key question is: What does it mean to my company? To me? Working with Forrester analysts allows you to translate the power of research to your specific business context and need.

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Those that can harness the power of today’s markets will win. Forrester’s Reprints allow you to connect the power of Forrester ideas with your offerings, giving you a bold voice to drive growth.

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