Market dynamics have fundamentally changed business and technology. Customer expectations shift, business resiliency suffers, and digital transformation requirements accelerate. How do the best companies survive and succeed amid these changing forces?

The answer is customer obsession. Customer-obsessed firms grow more than two times faster than non-customer-obsessed ones. With Forrester’s research portfolio Forrester Decisions and Forrester Market Insights, you build a customer-obsessed organization with a proven path to growth.

Gain Insights To Accelerate Growth

Define Your Vision

Stay ahead of customer and market dynamics to drive growth for your organization. Use bold research including predictions, forecasts, assessments, and benchmarks.

Apply Proven Methods

Use Forrester’s proven research-based models to deliver on your most pressing priorities. Receive objective advice from former practitioners who know firsthand the pressures you face.

Accelerate Results

Get hands-on guidance to identify and act upon the top threats, opportunities, and investments that help you achieve your unique business goals, now and in the long term.

Forrester analysts share their take on what it means to be customer-obsessed and how organizations get there in today’s markets. (1:40)

Objective Advice

Clients rely on objective advice from a neutral third party. As an independent research and advisory firm, Forrester maintains a high standard of ethics and honesty. There are strict rules that Forrester analysts and employees abide by to ensure the objectivity of our research.

Use A Proven Path To Growth

Forrester Decisions

Shorten the distance between bold vision and superior impact.

  • Portfolio of research services, aligned to functional roles
  • Tailored to your priorities
  • Includes bold vision, curated frameworks and tools, and hands-on guidance

Forrester Market Insights

Seize opportunities to differentiate and deliver results.

  • Built for technology and service provider companies
  • Gain objective advice on the market
  • Includes bold vision, deep buyer and competitive insights, and tools for growth

Insights Tailored For You

Functional Roles Served


Chief Information Officers​

Chief Technology Officers​

Chief Digital Officers​

Enterprise Architecture Leaders​

Infrastructure & Operations Leaders​

Application Development & Delivery Leaders​

Security & Risk Leaders


B2B Marketing Executives​

B2C Marketing Executives​

Marketing Operations Leaders​

Demand Leaders​

Portfolio Marketing Leaders​

Channel Marketing Leaders

Analyst Relations Leaders

Customer Experience

CX Leaders


B2B Sales Executives​

Sales Enablement Leaders​

Sales Operations Leaders​

Revenue Operations Leaders​

Channel Sales Leaders


Product Management Leaders

Industries Served

Information Technology

  • Hardware
  • IT services/service integrators​
  • Software​
  • Technology vendors and agencies

Financial Services

  • Banking​
  • Insurance​
  • Wealth management​


  • Consumer packaged goods

Federal Government​

Additional Industries

  • Automotive​
  • Business services​
  • Communications/creative agencies
  • Energy (oil and gas)​
  • Healthcare (devices, payers, providers)​
  • Manufacturing​
  • Mining
  • Pharma/bio​
  • Retail
  • Telecom, media, and entertainment​
  • Transportation
  • Travel and leisure

Signature Research

Forrester has helped technology, marketing, sales, customer experience, and product executives see around corners and take decisive action for more than 35 years. Signature Forrester research includes:

The Customer-Obsessed Enterprise

Forrester pioneered the concept of customer obsession more than a decade ago, demonstrating that customer-obsessed operations are customer-led, insights-driven, fast, and connected. Our research proves that putting the customer at the center of your leadership, strategy, and operations results in the most efficient path to growth, happy employees, and satisfied customers.

The Forrester Wave™

Clients have trusted the transparent methodology of Forrester Wave evaluations for more than 18 years to support vendor selection. Each Forrester Wave provides a simple visual evaluation of leading providers in specific market sectors, based on a robust analysis of their current offerings and strategies. Technology and service provider clients use Forrester Wave evaluations to understand current market drivers, what’s influencing those drivers, and their competitive position.

Data And Analytics

Forrester Decisions and Forrester Market Insights services include rich Forrester data. Understand your customers and benchmark your CX performance through the Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) and gain broad views of consumer behaviors and business expectations in the buying process.


Certification courses help you deepen your understanding of Forrester research through on-demand learning. Use certification as a way to align your team through a common vocabulary, approach, and way of working. Relevant certification courses are included as a part of all Forrester Decisions services.

Leadership Boards

Connect with peers. Forrester Leadership Boards provide a global community and exclusive network for professionals, analysts, and advisors to collaborate and share best practices. Work together to gain speed to drive business growth.

Forrester is the only research and advisory firm that is focused on CIO and CMO alignment, where other firms are only focused on technical capabilities.

— Syed Hussain, Chief Information Officer, Oregon State Lottery

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