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Leading change requires vision, a well-honed strategy, and flawless execution. Forrester Certification pushes your business transformation forward, whether you’re a team of one or one hundred. Our dynamic microlearning approach provides the skills and confidence necessary to execute on strategic initiatives for CX, Zero Trust security, B2B Marketing from SiriusDecisions, and more. Staff gain alignment and professional recognition, so teams can move faster, together.

Transform Your Business

Forrester provides certification programs for individuals, teams and enterprise-wide implementation. Participants range from executive leaders and senior managers to early career professionals. Whatever your role, you’ll learn new skills and concepts through our dynamic learning experience to put into practice immediately. (1:50)

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Grow Skills And Recognition

Develop expertise in disciplines including customer experience (CX), Zero Trust security and risk mitigation, B2B marketing, and more. Grounded in research-based best practices, Forrester Certification courses provide hands-on exercises and practical tools that you can immediately put into action.

Gain Alignment

Align staff around a common language, toolkit, and way of working to facilitate faster execution on your strategic vision. Gain cross-functional understanding and shared mindset across teams and throughout the organization to solidify transformational change.

Join A Dynamic Community

Through the online learning platform, you’ll engage with peers around the globe and participate in discussions about what works in different industries and geographies. Certification connects you into the larger community of experts to empower your leadership and grow your business.

There were actionable steps I could take away to immediately provide benefit.

—CX Management graduate


43 countries represented with more organizations added every day


94% course completion rate exceeds industry averages by 33%


More than 1500 course participants from 700 organizations in the last 12 months

A Unique Approach To Unique Topics

Forrester offers certification courses for topics backed by decades of expertise and world-class research. Complex content is made accessible by a unique microlearning approach leveraging bite-sized learning sessions, so you can absorb quickly and put it into practice immediately.

Our dynamic certification experience is all online and mobile-ready, to fit with your schedule and goals.

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We now have a much more robust framework to drive change and accelerate our CX Transformation Journey.

—CX Foundations graduate

Empowering Confident Execution

Participants report their confidence to lead change initiatives doubles after certification. (0:56)


A Forrester Certification provides industry recognition, supported by decades of research in leading business concepts such as customer experience (CX), security and risk (Zero Trust), and Sirius Decisions business-to-business (B2B) marketing. If you’re looking to align your organization and transform your business, Forrester Certification empowers teams and leaders to execute with confidence so they can move faster, together.
Certification courses are online, self-paced, and mobile-friendly to support microlearning moments you can apply immediately. Curated and taught by Forrester analysts, the courses primarily use short-format video, but you’ll also stay engaged through podcasts, webinars, and short case studies. This combination of interactive media, peer/social discussion forums, and hands-on exercises creates a dynamic learning experience that is fun and effective.

You’ll complete 5–6 competency-based lessons over 8 weeks. Advisors support you throughout your journey and help you stay on track and be successful. There are two ways to pursue certification as an individual or a team:
  • Join a cohort of learners from across industries and geographies at specific start dates.
  • Gather 20 or more staff from your organization and set your own start date in a private course.

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Certification courses start on a regular basis. See the schedule for exact dates. Customized enterprise-wide implementations are specific to your organization, can happen at any time, and are ongoing.
There are no specific time commitments or live attendance requirements. You set your own schedule. For teams of 20 or more, Forrester offers optional live kickoff sessions, specialized workshop sessions, and facilitated discussions to enhance understanding and help accelerate implementation of the concepts presented.
Our certification learners report spending 1–3 hours per lesson, for a total of 6–18 hours per course. We recommend a pace of roughly 1 lesson per week, although individual learning styles and times vary. Courses use a dynamic “microlearning” format that was designed with adult learning needs in mind and that works with busy schedules. It is a time commitment, but 94% of people who start a course, finish it.
Business transformation initiatives are cross-functional efforts and stakeholders from multiple roles and levels of experience benefit. Teams are encouraged to participate together for increased collaboration and discussion opportunities, although each individual must submit their own work to receive credit. Individuals participate and certify in Forrester courses according to their prior related work experience:
  • Professional/Strategist Certification: reserved for experienced practitioners with at least 2–3 years of direct work experience. Requires more hands-on project work to receive certification.
  • Champion/Associate Certification: staff who are newer to the role, interested to pursue a career change, or are in an executive sponsor position. Champions cover the same material as the Pro/Strategist track but are not expected to complete the additional Pro/Strategist project assignments.

Each course program maintains distinct nomenclature for the two tracks:
CX: Professional | Champion
B2B: Professional | Associate
Zero Trust: Strategist | Associate

If you’re looking to expand CX learning beyond individuals and teams, Forrester also provides customized programs for enterprise-wide implementation.

Customized programs for enterprise-wide implementation
CX Essentials is a customized certification program that provides an enterprise-wide solution to mobilize employees around CX transformation initiatives. Tailored for your organization, course content engages all employees in a 1–3 hour short program to understand your organization’s CX imperative.
There are no prerequisites for Level I courses in CX, B2B Marketing, or Zero Trust. CX Certification is a three-part professional certification program designed for CX practitioners. Certification is achieved consecutively, one level at a time.
  • Level I: CX Foundations
  • Level II: CX Management
  • Level III: Innovating CX
Upon course completion and verification of a course level, you’ll receive a signed certificate and digital badge to recognize your achievement.
Certification currently happens at an individual level. Organizations that certify multiple people from several divisions derive the most benefit from a common vocabulary and shared approach to any business transformation initiative. Contact Forrester to discuss how to promote your employees’ certification achievement. Organizations can provide enterprise-level CX understanding through the CX Essentials program. Through this customized learning experience, all staff contribute to CX initiatives to drive growth.
Currently, you have the option to pursue CPE/CEU credits within the Zero Trust Certification program. Zero Trust Strategy certification takes an average of 9–18 hours to complete, dependent on the certification track; total time to complete varies by individual learner. Learners of complementary certifications may be able to claim CPE credit for time spent obtaining their Zero Trust Strategy certification. Forrester advises the following as the minimum CPE hours for certification earners; learners may be able to report additional self-study hours:
  • Associate Certificate: 9 hours
  • Strategist Certificate: 18 hours
Please let us know if you’re interested in CPE/CEU credits for Forrester Certification programs.


CX Certification

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SiriusDecisions B2B Marketing Certification

Lay the foundation for best-in-class marketing strategies that will help your organization grow.

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