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Alumni Badges

As a Forrester-certified practitioner, you are part of an alumni network that numbers more than 2,200 people around the globe. You’ve demonstrated a commitment to learning and professional growth that distinguishes you and your organization. Gain the recognition you deserve and showcase your achievement by adding your badge to professional social networking sites.

Showcase Your Achievement

Once you complete a course, you’ll receive a personalized digital certificate and a badge of your achievement by email. Here’s how to share your certified status with the world, in 3 easy steps:

Add To Profile

Your certification never expires. Here’s how to add your Forrester Certification to LinkedIn under the “Licenses and Certifications” section.

  1. Enter the course name and track, if appropriate:
    • Forrester CX Pro or Champion
    • Forrester Zero Trust Strategist or Associate
    • Forrester SiriusDecisions B2B Marketing Foundations Pro or Associate
  2. For the Issuing Organization, choose “Forrester” with the green F symbol.
  3. Select the month and year you secured your certification.
  4. Enter your unique license number in the “Credential ID” field.
  5. Use the link you received in the email of your digital certificate, or leave “Credential URL” blank.

Add Your Badge

Now, add your course badge image to your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Download the appropriate badge image below.
  2. Open your LinkedIn profile and choose where you’d like to feature your badge. Many people choose the “Featured” section.
  3. Upload your badge image in the “Media” section and add any details in the description.

You may also consider adding your course badge to your email signature.

Update Your Email Signature

Finally, add your distinctive credentials after your name in your email signature and/or on LinkedIn. Do this on LinkedIn by adding it to your “Last Name” field (e.g., “Smith, B2B Pro” or “Smith, B2B-P”). Every time you complete an Advanced course, add a level to your designation. (B2B-II, B2B-III, etc.).

  • Forrester CX Foundations Pro = FCXP (CX-I)
  • Forrester CX Foundations Champion = FCXC (CX-I)
  • Forrester Zero Trust Strategist = ZTX-S (ZTX-I)
  • Forrester Zero Trust Associate = ZTX-AC (ZTX-I)
  • Forrester SiriusDecisions B2B Marketing Foundations Pro = B2B-P (B2B-I)
  • Forrester SiriusDecisions B2B Marketing Foundations Associate = B2B-A (B2B-I)

Link your badge back to this page:

Be sure to save your work!


If you have a question about your alumni status, please contact the Certification team.