Forrester Decisions

As a leader, you’re under constant pressure​.​ You must deliver on today’s priorities while staying one step ahead of what’s coming tomorrow. When every decision matters, the cost of a bad decision is high.

Today, you’re often forced to cobble together insights, best practices, and guidance from multiple partners to tackle your challenges and initiatives.

We want to offer a new option: Forrester Decisions. You gain bold vision, curated tools and frameworks, and hands-on guidance in a unified offering that will help you shape your strategy and conquer your priorities. We will save you time, money, and empower you and your team to deliver results.

Forrester Decisions: We help business and technology leaders shorten the distance between bold vision and superior impact.

Shorten the distance to impact

Stay Ahead Of Change

Understand and interpret market dynamics and develop a deeper understanding of your customers and competitors.

Conquer Your Priorities

Apply proven approaches with confidence and accelerate progress on your most pressing priorities.

Ready Your Team

Develop skills and a shared toolset across your function and team so they can deliver on your vision.

Forrester Decisions is a new portfolio of services tailored to your most pressing priorities, helping you and your team deliver top-notch results in record time. (1:20)

Services Built Around Your Priorities

Forrester Decisions represents a new option for business and technology leaders who need help solving problems, making decisions, and taking action to deliver results. The portfolio combines research-based insights, models, and frameworks with hands-on guidance to ensure that you and your team apply best practices to your specific situation. Forrester Decisions is unique:

  • A blueprint to customer obsession. We know that customer obsession is the best path to revenue growth, profitability growth, customer retention, and employee engagement. Each Forrester Decisions service includes signature customer obsession research along with tools to make customer obsession a reality at your organization.
  • Built for you. Each of the Forrester Decisions services is expressly built around a unique set of priorities representing your most pressing opportunities and challenges. Each priority was created based on hundreds of pieces of feedback from clients and potential clients.
  • On your side and by your side. Guidance from experts is built into each Forrester Decisions service. Our team gets to know you and your business, providing thoughtful, timely guidance — from planning to strategy to execution — every step of the way to help you achieve your outcomes.

Available Services

Each Forrester Decisions service is designed to support your strategic vision and help you excel in your functional role. The services work together seamlessly across the enterprise to accelerate growth.

In addition, Forrester Market Insights is the research service that helps technology and service providers seize opportunities to differentiate and deliver results.

What’s Inside Forrester Decisions

Each Forrester Decisions service brings together three powerful components to give you exactly what you need to make progress on your priorities and plan for the future:

Stay ahead of changing customer and market dynamics and plan for the future with leading research. You’ll get customer obsession research, customer insights, trends and predictions, market forecasts, technology and service provider landscapes, and more.

Empower your team to execute on your vision with proven strategic models and plug-and-play templates. You’ll get KPIs and peer benchmarks, assessments, strategic models, templates, Forrester Wave™ evaluations for your function, and certification courses.

Accelerate progress and de-risk decisions with best practices tailored to you and your team. Forrester promises to be on your side and by your side, through guidance sessions with analysts, peer discussions, events, and more.

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Gain the bold vision, curated frameworks and tools, and hands-on guidance to shorten the distance between bold vision and superior impact. Learn more about Forrester Decisions services for your specific function.

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