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Marketers must strike the right balance between getting close to customers and respecting their privacy. At a time of increasing regulation and customer pushback on data policies, the stakes have never been higher. Explore our insights and best practices on marketing & privacy.



The TV Industry’s Latest Hill To Climb: How To Avoid The Sins Of Digital Advertising’s Past

Joanna O'Connell February 12, 2020
I’ve recently returned from Beet.TV’s latest Beet Retreat, and I’m feeling . . . optimistic? Pessimistic? Ambivalent? Ambivalent — I’ll go with ambivalent. There is so much opportunity for a TV/video advertising industry that finds itself in flux — an explosion of new content, new data sources, new consumer viewing patterns. All of this means […]
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Q&A — Uniting CX + Marketing At CX North America

Melissa Parrish February 4, 2020
When CX and marketing work together, they accomplish amazing things. Discover why the time is bring these groups together in this Q&A.
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CX North America 2020

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PayPal Is Acquiring Honey To Increase Its Stickiness With Consumers

Lily Varon November 21, 2019
(Get it? Sticky!) It’s PayPal’s largest acquisition to date. PayPal’s core value proposition is in alleviating shoppers’ concerns about providing personal financial information during the online checkout process — and that remains as valuable as ever. But here’s what the Honey acquisition means for PayPal moving forward: The Honey acquisition extends PayPal’s role in the […]
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How Marketing Became Too Personal

What It Means November 14, 2019
Marketers’ efforts to get to know customers via data collection and personalization may be driving them away instead. On this week’s What It Means, Vice President and Group Director Melissa Parrish discusses what’s gone wrong and how marketers can end the disconnect.
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Personalization And Trust Start With Understanding Customer Privacy Expectations

Fatemeh Khatibloo October 31, 2019
There have been several posts in this space about the disconnect between marketers and customers. Part of the problem stems from consumers’ perception that marketers have no respect for privacy, and let’s be honest: In the quest to amass data-rich profiles, consumers’ desire for anonymity has often been ignored. There is a tendency, though, to treat privacy as a binary thing: We care about it, […]
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The New Era Of Marketing Strategy

Melissa Parrish May 14, 2019
When marketers fail to understand the complexity and nuance of how customers’ core characteristics evolve, people lose trust in them. As they look elsewhere, customers have found a more nimble set of businesses to meet their needs: direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands.
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