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Customer loyalty is a moving target for retailers. Yesterday’s rewards programs may no longer suffice as consumers look for more convenient, personalized experiences and seek out brands that align with their values. Read our insights on capturing and maintaining retail loyalty.



Two Truths And Seven Lies Retailers Heard In The 2010s

Sucharita Kodali December 31, 2019
Retail changed substantially in the last decade, but not always in the ways predicted. VP and Principal Analyst Sucharita Kodali looks back — and provides a few takeaways for retailers for the decade ahead.
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Nike Is Setting The Standard For Omnichannel Loyalty In Every Industry

Emily Collins December 23, 2019
Shifting from treating loyalty as a standalone marketing practice to weaving it into the entire customer experience is hard. Learn how Nike gets it right.
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Head-Scratcher Of The Month: PayPal’s Costly Acquisition Of Honey

Sucharita Kodali November 25, 2019
Last week, PayPal acquired a Los Angeles-based company called Honey for a whopping $4 billion. While it certainly wasn’t under the radar (PayPal issued a press release, posted a video, and hosted a conference call about it), the media barely (with a few rare exceptions) picked up the story in spite of the fact that […]
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Your Loyal Customers Don’t Need Another Coupon This Holiday Season — Here’s What To Do Instead

Emily Collins November 25, 2019
Principal Analyst Emily Collins shares three ways retailers can offer real value to shoppers.
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PayPal Is Acquiring Honey To Increase Its Stickiness With Consumers

Lily Varon November 21, 2019
(Get it? Sticky!) It’s PayPal’s largest acquisition to date. PayPal’s core value proposition is in alleviating shoppers’ concerns about providing personal financial information during the online checkout process — and that remains as valuable as ever. But here’s what the Honey acquisition means for PayPal moving forward: The Honey acquisition extends PayPal’s role in the […]
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