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Five Ways That Retailers Battle Slowing Sales Growth And Tightening Margins

Cindy Liu September 14, 2023
Retail sales growth in the US has been gradually decelerating, and retailers are feeling the squeeze. In our newly published report, 2023 Retail Competition Tracker, US, we examine offline and online sales growth at 65 leading US retailers and take a close look at tactics to improve profitability. We found that over three-quarters of these […]

US Retail And E-Commerce Sales Trends, 2023

Jitender Miglani September 7, 2023
In this blog, we analyze the recent trends in US retail and e-commerce sales and share our key takeaways that brands should know for the rest of 2023.

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Pricing Optimization Solutions Are Becoming The Key To Revenue Maximization

Biswajeet Mahapatra August 29, 2023
Competition, economic conditions, and globalization are pushing companies to investigate ways and means to maximize their revenue and profitability. They are trying to achieve these objectives by reducing costs and increasing profits through revenue growth. Revenue growth is complex, as companies need to understand and balance multiple parameters to make it work. These parameters include […]

Top Five Challenges US Retailers Face Due To Rising Interest Rates

Jitender Miglani August 17, 2023
Using data from Forrester's US Online Retail Forecast, here are the top 5 challenges US retailers face due to rising interest rates.

Three Areas Where Apparel And Footwear Brands Can Boost Their DTC Operations

Nicole Murgia August 16, 2023
We reviewed 27 apparel brands’ websites across the attributes that are essential to their long-term success; here’s what we found.

US Offline Retail Sales Will Reach $4.2 Trillion By 2028

Jitender Miglani August 1, 2023
Our newly published research, US Online Retail Forecast, 2023 To 2028, shows that both offline and online US sales will reach record levels this year. As we’ve said many times, the store is flourishing and far from “dead!”

Maximizing Retail Return Strategies Beyond Margin Recovery

Brendan Witcher July 31, 2023
Retail returns, when handled strategically, are an opportunity for retailers to gain a competitive advantage.

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Think You Know POS? You Might Be Surprised.

Lauren Cevallos July 31, 2023
Our newly published report, The Point-Of-Service Landscape, Q3 2023, lists the 18 most notable vendors in the space and details the 10 most important use cases that they’re focusing on for clients today. Read this blog for an early look at our findings.

Prime Day 2023: How Retailers And Brands Stacked Up Against Amazon

Nicole Murgia July 18, 2023
Retailers and brands were looking to compete with Amazon’s two-day sale this year. Tune in to our key takeaways and analysis for Prime Day.

Is Your Digital Shelf Ready For Primetime?

Chuck Gahun July 12, 2023
The Product Information Management Systems Landscape, Q2 2023 reveals that that 1) an explosion of channels is forcing enterprises to syndicate accurate product information, 2) lasting business impact needs a flexible data model and change management, and 3) AI capabilities can substantially reduce time to market and increase operational efficiencies.

US CX Quality Falls For An Unprecedented Second Consecutive Year

Pete Jacques June 12, 2023
US brands struggled to deliver effective customer experiences in 2023, but some succeeded. Discover the US Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) 2023 results.

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Introducing Forrester’s Five-Part Mobile Site Best Practices Series For Retailers

Nicole Murgia May 30, 2023
We highlight best practices in five key aspects of the customer shopping journey on retail mobile sites.

How CPG Brands Thrive Online

Sucharita Kodali May 23, 2023
We advise on how to rethink your CPG sales strategy, protect your brand and customers, and establish a strong online presence.

Search, The Next Big Category In Commerce Tech, Is Crucial To CX And Success

Emily Pfeiffer May 18, 2023
Our newly-published Vendor Landscape for Commerce Search and Product Discovery lists the 28 most notable vendors in the space and details the 10 most important use cases they’re focusing on for clients today.  

The Age Of Agents? How GenAI And Digital Agents Could Rewrite The Rules Of Digital Strategy

Manuel Geitz May 17, 2023
Today’s winning digital strategies could be rendered meaningless by digital agents such as AgentGPT. Read this blog to learn why.

US Retail Industry Sales And Profits Trends, 2001–2022: Steady Growth

Jitender Miglani May 8, 2023
We highlight key retail trends by studying the retail industry’s sales, operating income, and net income.

The State Of Digital Commerce For Brand Manufacturers In 2023

Sucharita Kodali April 21, 2023
Read for strategic marketplace and DTC takeaways we gathered from Forrester’s Q1 2023 Global State Of Brand Manufacturers Survey.

Cloud Powers Retail Through The Economic Slowdown

Tracy Woo April 10, 2023
The retail industry was an early adopter of cloud and has continued to expand its use. Learn three key trends from our new report The State Of Cloud In Retail.

Walmart Sales And Profits Analysis For FY 2023 — Top 10 Insights

Jitender Miglani April 6, 2023
We draw the 10 important learnings from Walmart’s 2023 fiscal-year results.
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