The sales climate has grown more complex as buyer expectations escalate. Sales organizations need new processes, approaches, and skill sets — while facing the ever-present pressure to make the number. Explore our insights from former sales leaders for building buyer-centric strategies, streamlining processes, and gaining efficiencies.



Five Questions To Ask Before Changing Sales Methodologies

Eric Zines 6 days ago
Sales methodology is a topic that evokes a wide range of comprehension among sales professionals, largely depending on their personal history with the methodologies their previous employers used.
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Leaders From Sales, Marketing, and Strategy Walk Into a Bar — Can They Agree on the Message?

Nancy Maluso September 15, 2020
  • Getting noticed by buyers in the B2B marketplace is difficult, and for emerging companies with little to no brand recognition, it’s even harder
  • Marketers must create a single, consistent message that the entire company articulates in the market as a bullhorn instead of a whisper
  • These leaders can contribute different perspectives about how to align on message and ensure that everyone in their organizations use it repeatedly 
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Planning Assumptions 2021: Chief Sales Officers

Shifting buyer expectations and the pivot to virtual selling require sales leaders to build new strategies. Find actionable advice for navigating and succeeding in the “next normal.”


Is Your Content Helping Or Annoying Your Customer Success Team?

Amy Bills September 11, 2020
Data from the SiriusDecisions 2020 Customer-Facing Roles Survey indicates that the right content makes the difference in the ability of CSMs to meet customer expectations. Just as important: The right content reduces time wasted searching for material, which means B2B organizations are more likely to keep those CSMs around.
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Sales Engagement Vendors Are Ready To Meet The Moment

Mary Shea September 9, 2020
As sellers face a prolonged remote selling environment, slower decision cycles, and myriad other challenges, sales enablement technology vendors are stepping in to help.
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