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Social marketing is at an inflection point. The Wild West days are ending as customers become privacy conscious and governments respond in turn. Read more about how social marketing will grow and change with the times.

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The Majority Of Chinese Social Media Users Are Social Savants

Xiaofeng Wang May 18, 2022
Compared to their US counterparts, online adults in China are far more likely to use social media to buy products and interact with brands. Here are three takeaways for marketers.

The Risk Of Greenwashing: One Step Forward For The Cause, Two Steps Back For The Environment

Alla Valente April 21, 2022
The theme for Earth Day 2022 is “Invest In Our Planet.” In the leadup to the main event on April 22, it’s not unusual for scores of companies big and small and newcomers and household names in every industry to take to social media to highlight their efforts for investing in our planet. After all, […]

Social Media Users Interact With Friends And Family More Than Brands

Jessica Liu October 27, 2021
Yesterday, we published the annual refresh of our Forrester social consumer segmentation. In 2021, consumers who use social media at least weekly (the heaviest users we survey) overwhelmingly prefer to interact with friends/family over brands/companies and influencers on social media. The real question for brands is: “Does my target audience want to interact with my […]

The Metaverse Won’t Fix Facebook

Mike Proulx October 25, 2021
As Facebook eyes the metaverse, Forrester's latest survey shows consumers want substantive changes to Facebook's ecosystem. Read our full analysis here.

Marketers, Stop Being Part Of The Facebook, Inc. Problem — Start Being The Solution

Jessica Liu October 12, 2021
Facebook, Inc. is in the hot seat again due to a recent The Wall Street Journal “Facebook Files” exposé and 60 Minutes whistleblower interview. As we’ve said again and again, a singular event won’t be enough to bring down the social media behemoth. Facebook will experience a degradation of its reputation by a thousand cuts: […]

The Social “FrankenSuites” Era Must Draw To A Close

Jessica Liu August 9, 2021
Today, we published The Forrester Wave™: Social Suites, Q3 2021. Since our last evaluation, the vendors in this space have spent two years amassing their platforms via a mix of organic and M&A activity. The market has reached an inflection point: Social suites’ era of collecting modules and features should wind down — and must now yield to a […]

Top 143 Social Media Groups For MSPs, VARs, And Tech Channel Professionals

Jay McBain July 8, 2021
The channel is very large, highly diverse, and incredibly decentralized. Channel partners know that to be successful, they need to carve out a niche — whether that be by line of business, by industry (and, increasingly, by subindustry), by size of customer, geographically, technologically, and by business model. These six vectors are not mutually exclusive, […]

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Did You Hear? Social Networks Want In On Audio

Jessica Liu February 11, 2021
First the social networks conquered text. Then they dominated video. And now, the new frontier: audio. New app Clubhouse has garnered significant buzz for its audio-based chatroom environment, where users can join live conversations with people and topics they follow. Last month, Twitter announced its acquisition of Breaker, a social podcasting app, and quickly transitioned […]

Consumers Are On Social Media, But That Doesn’t Mean They Want To Hear From You

Jessica Liu January 29, 2021
Brand marketers shouldn’t be asking if their consumers are on social media, but rather, “Do they want to hear from my brand?” Discover the segments of social customers and their preferences.

Voulez-Vous Parler Social Networks’ Content Moderation Policies?

Jessica Liu January 15, 2021
My father told me once, “If you see something wrong happening in the world, you can either do nothing, or you can do something.” And I already tried nothing. — Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman Social networks, tech vendors ingesting social data, and brands running social listening practices might all be wondering the same thing right […]

No One Should Be Surprised About The Facebook, Inc. Lawsuit In The US

Jessica Liu December 9, 2020
Facebook has thrived in the short term with record-setting users and revenue. Long term, its outlook remains bleak.

Social Listening Platforms Aim To Serve All User Types

Jessica Liu November 10, 2020
Throwback to the mid-2000s: Facebook was founded, and Hannah Montana premiered. Miley Stewart was an average American kid with an alter ego pop star named Hannah Montana. Miley/Hannah’s dual identity allowed her to escape the public eye while still reaping fame and fortune — ultimately, living “the best of both worlds.” Cut to 2020: Social […]

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TikTok — When Geopolitics Trumps Tech Innovation

Xiaofeng Wang September 1, 2020
In the past two months, I’ve received dozens of inquiries about TikTok. While the case is still unsettled, I wanted to summarize some of my comments in this blog post. Is banning TikTok in the US “tit for tat”? Not really. People often compare the US government’s handling of TikTok with the Facebook and Google […]

The Facebook Ad Boycott Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg

Jessica Liu June 19, 2020
Will The North Face be the North Star for other companies to stick to corporate values and rethink their organic and advertising presences on social media

Is It Time To Break Up With Social Media?

What It Means June 4, 2020
More than one in three consumers believe social media does more harm than good. Many brands spend tremendous time and money on social media, only to get a tepid (or even angry) response. On this episode of What It Means, Senior Analyst Jessica Liu discusses a timely question: Is it time to break up with social media?

Do Channel Vendors Need Public Relations Anymore?

Jay McBain June 1, 2020
The communications industry is facing a perfect storm of converging forces, from COVID-19 to the rise of influencer marketing and even AI. At Forrester, we research around 10,000 global technology vendors that utilize indirect sales and often get asked about the value of PR in the channel. A trend that is affecting many channel leaders […]

Facebook, Inc. Extends Its Tentacles With GIPHY Acquisition

Jessica Liu May 19, 2020
There may be more to the move than meets the eye. The acquisition will give Facebook access to data it will find useful.

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Don’t Succumb To Social Media Stockholm Syndrome

Jessica Liu May 13, 2020
A detailed analysis of how consumers are using social media in the customer lifecycle and an intriguing option for brands.

Your Global Martech Stack Isn’t Cutting It In China

Xiaofeng Wang April 8, 2020
More and more marketers at global brands in China, such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Volkswagen, and Walmart, are replacing their globally contracted marketing technology (martech) vendors with viable Chinese ones. They have realized that deep localization is the only way to succeed. This requires not only China-specific marketing strategies and local decision-making power but also deep […]

Luxury Brands’ Three Best Practices In Coping With COVID-19

Xiaofeng Wang February 26, 2020
Smart, timely, and heartfelt responses to the outbreak have helped leading brands gain customer affinity.
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