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Security & Risk Forums

The market is fraught with risk: hackers that are more resourceful, organized, and motivated to disrupt and harm your business and privacy rules that increasingly tell us that regulations like GDPR will soon become the law of the land. Minimizing risk is not simply about protecting your company’s resources and financials; it is increasingly about protecting the foundational trust your customers have in your company.

Forrester’s Security & Risk Forums will give you a clear-eyed view of cybersecurity and privacy risk, structures, and methods to defend your company. Whether exploring the Zero Trust framework or looking at different data governance practices to comply with GDPR, Forrester’s Security & Risk Forums will give you the insights, tools, and practical advice on how to minimize risk in a hostile, complex market.

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Security & Risk

Virtual Event, September 22-23, 2020

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Security & Risk

National Harbor, Maryland, September 12-13, 2019

Privacy & Security Europe

London, October 09-10, 2018


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