Executive Leadership

Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer

George F. Colony

As founder, chairman, and CEO of Forrester Research, George is one of the most influential thought leaders in the world of business and technology…

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Chief Product Officer

Mack Brothers

As chief product officer, Mack leads a global organization that develops and manages Forrester’s product and services portfolio…

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Chief Legal Officer

Ryan Darrah

Ryan serves as the chief legal officer, leading and managing the company’s legal and regulatory affairs…

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Chief Financial Officer

Michael Doyle

With nearly 30 years of financial and management experience at major companies, Michael serves as Forrester’s chief financial officer (CFO)…

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Chief Sales Officer

Kelley Hippler

As Forrester’s chief sales officer, Kelley leads a global selling and customer success organization of more than 500 people…

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Chief Research Officer

Carrie Johnson

As chief research officer, Carrie leads a global research organization responsible for creating powerful ideas…

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Carrie Johnson
Chief Marketing Officer

Victor Milligan

As chief marketing officer (CMO), Victor leads a global marketing organization responsible for promoting and protecting the Forrester brand…

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Chief Business Technology Officer

Steven Peltzman

As Forrester’s first “chief business technology officer,” Steve Peltzman is responsible for guiding the transformation of Forrester’s own internal technology efforts…

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