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Make Data Strategy Your New Year’s Resolution

Stephanie Liu January 11, 2022
Start 2022 with renewed marketing opportunity by assessing your data strategy and finding opportunities to round out your understanding of customers and prospects. Last year, we saw third-party cookie deprecation heat up, Apple enact its App Tracking Transparency framework, and growing consumer privacy awareness — for example, 84% of US online adults use at least […]

Industry Clouds Accelerate Their Momentum Into 2022

Kate Leggett September 30, 2021
Struggling to use cloud to differentiate your brand? Learn about the rapidly-growing industry cloud market in this blog post.

There’s A New Forrester Wave™ For Sales Force Automation — And The Leaders Embody Current Sales Trends

Kate Leggett April 21, 2021
COVID has upended business as we knew it, and sales organizations have felt this impact. Almost half of B2B US companies have slashed their sales teams. Sellers work from home, over digital channels, and sales managers have become much more data-driven and focused on post-sale engagement to preserve and grow revenue. There’s a much-needed increased […]

Three Key CRM Trends In 2021 That Will Allow You To Better Engage Your Customers

Kate Leggett April 1, 2021
For a 30-year-old technology category, it is amazing to see the CRM (customer relationship management) industry continue to grow at a staggering rate. Why? Because CRM is at the heart of every business that wants to compete on customer experience. It enables companies to access 360-degree views of customers in real time to drive reliable, […]

Retailers: Here’s How Consumers Are Shopping This Holiday Season

Sucharita Kodali December 17, 2020
The retail holiday season is in the home stretch. We expect US online holiday sales this year will top $173 billion — or fully 24% more than last year.

Salesforce Picks Up (The) Slack To Extend CRM’s Reach Into Collaboration But Won’t Dethrone Microsoft Teams

Kate Leggett December 1, 2020
Find out how Salesforce plans to use the $28B buy to extend the reach of its CRM platform.

What Do Your Customers Want For The Holidays? Confidence

Andrew Hogan October 29, 2020
Now’s the time to make sure your customers understand whether they’ve found the right product on your site or app, know when they’ll receive their item in time, and know how to easily return the item if it isn’t quite right.

US Public Sector Predictions 2022

Discover how the President's Management Agenda will shape agencies' priorities in 2022.


Predictions 2021: It’s All About Empathy, Digital, And Virtualizing Customer Care

Ian Jacobs October 21, 2020
The purpose of customer service is no longer just to alleviate run-of-the-mill inconveniences; it is to provide fundamental and necessary services for consumers devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how customer service will evolve in 2021.

Predictions 2021: Divided Consumers Will Wrestle With Escalating Individual, Community, And Global Tensions

Anjali Lai October 16, 2020
Escalating tensions will influence consumer behavior in 2021 as we move beyond crisis mode and see the new patterns forged from the current crisis. Read our consumer predictions for 2021.

Real-Time, Contactless Feedback During The Pandemic

Steven Peltzman September 30, 2020
FeedbackNow by Forrester has launched new contactless feedback solutions so companies can measure and adjust their customer experiences in real-time throughout the pandemic.

B2C Firms Must Prepare As Consumer Buying Enters A New Era

Sucharita Kodali September 11, 2020


Evolve Your CRM From Departmental CRM To Unified CRM

Kate Leggett September 9, 2020
CRM is widely used by companies both big and small. Gone are the days when it was purchased as a monolithic on-premises application. Today, it’s almost exclusively deployed in the cloud. As CRM moved to the cloud, business leaders in charge of sales, service, and marketing drove the purchase. Sales leaders only cared about how […]

Predictions 2022 Live

Set off on a confident path to business success in 2022. Discover the top trends for CIOs, CMOs, CX Leaders, and CEOs in 2022.


How To Make Customer Service More Digital

Kate Leggett July 20, 2020
Phone experiences are increasingly becoming suboptimal as more and more customer service journeys begin before customers pick up the phone. This is because most companies deploy their communication channels in silos, which means that: (1) Agents have no knowledge of the customer’s prior digital interactions and (2) they cannot easily understand a customer’s prior actions […]

Plan For The Work-At-Home Contact Center You Want, Not The One You Were Forced To Build During This Pandemic

Ian Jacobs April 21, 2020
To help brands navigate the historic customer service challenges posed by the current pandemic and subsequent need for mass mobilization of a remote workforce, Forrester has created a four pillar framework for a building a successful work from home contact center.

How To (Not) Conduct CX Surveys During The COVID-19 Crisis

Maxie Schmidt March 25, 2020
Instead of CX surveys as usual, you need to show that you aren’t tone deaf to the unprecedented situation your customers face due to COVID-19. Read how to adjust your survey methods.

Healthcare CRMs Are The Key To Unlocking The Digital Front Door: Takeaways From The Forrester Wave™

Arielle Trzcinski March 12, 2020
Healthcare organizations (HCOs) should look to healthcare customer relationship management systems (CRMs) to enable their “digital front door” strategy and meet the growing demands of their customers for a great experience — both digitally and beyond. The recently published report, “The Forrester Wave™: Healthcare CRM Providers, Q1 2020,” identified the seven most significant players in […]

Beware Of The Confusion: VoC Solutions Deliver More Horsepower Than What CRM Can Do

Faith Adams February 25, 2020
Learn how the various solutions in the CX world can and should work together.

Predictions 2022 Live

Chart a bold path to success in 2022. Hear our predictions for the year ahead.


Five Forces Shape The Modern CRM Landscape

Kate Leggett February 4, 2020
What is CRM? It’s not SFA (sales force automation) and it’s not marketing automation — although many use CRM to reference these two technologies. Forrester defines CRM as: “The business processes and supporting technologies that support the key activities of targeting, acquiring, retaining, understanding, and collaborating with customers.” . . . that is, to support […]

The Future Of Contact Center Work: How To Source New Agent Talent

Kate Leggett January 14, 2020
AI and automation are already reshaping call centers. Get your customer service organization prepared with these talent acquisition tips.

Customer Communities Are Buzzing, But Should Your Brand Invest In One?

Emily Collins December 16, 2019
This year, we’ve seen an uptick in client and industry interest in customer communities. Marketers want to build authentic and lasting relationships with customers who are more and more likely to experiment and less and less likely to trust traditional advertising. The concept of community management isn’t anything new — we’ve been writing about it […]
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