Most government agencies are challenged to do more with less — to maximize budget allocated to the mission by making technology spend as efficient and effective as possible. This means attacking technology debt and, in some cases, organizational inertia that has limited the full impact of technology. All of this plays out in a hostile cyber-environment where leaders must change the mindset to Zero Trust.

Government Priorities

Modernize IT With CX As The Core Design Principle

Government agencies need to improve the performance of technology to comply with FITARA and the MGT Act and to fuel mission success. To do this, you need to address corrosive technical debt — spending precious money on systems that add marginal value at outsized costs — and likely organizational inertia. The goal is to place the user — whether a citizen or an employee — at the center of design and modernize to shift debt to leverage.

Zero Trust

Cyberthreats are prolific and continuously adapting — we are in a cyber arms race where combatants have a broad threat surface to play with and no shortage of tactics to do damage. “Trust but verify” is no longer a valid approach. Moat and castle strategies ignore threats and compromised assets inside the castle. The Zero Trust framework provides you a rigorous approach to defend and counter today’s escalating risk.

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