Marketing Leadership Strategies Service

As a B2B marketing executive, you often find yourself in a double bind: Your team is expected to create significant demand and contribute to revenue, but you may not have the resources, infrastructure, or investment required to have the desired effect.

Through straightforward research and a hands-on partnership with seasoned analysts, Forrester helps B2B marketing leaders advance and motivate their teams to create customer-led, cutting-edge marketing strategies that lead to measurable impact on growth and retention.

Develop A Winning Strategy For Growth

Drive Alignment And Strategy

Develop annual plans and a long-term marketing strategy that elevates your role and aligns to the organization’s growth strategy.

Create High-Performing Teams

Provide leadership to smoothly navigate change, craft the right structures for success and boost talent and productivity to deliver standout results.

Reinforce Brand Value

Activate and measure your brand messaging and thought leadership through integrated campaigns and content, including paid media, public relations, influencer relations, analyst relations, social media, employee and executive communications.

Key Priorities

As a marketing executive, you can put the expertise of Forrester SiriusDecisions research services to work. You’ll find in-depth data paired with usable frameworks, analyst access and signature research on your top priorities, including:

  • Marketing strategy and transformation
  • Marketing planning and investment
  • Brand and communications
  • Campaign strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Communicating marketing’s value
  • Marketing organizational design

Services Designed Around Your Needs

There are three related but distinct research services available for B2B marketing leaders from Forrester, each uniquely suited to the situations you face in your role and the size of your organization.

Chief Marketing Officer Strategies

The Chief Marketing Officer Strategies Service provides B2B CMOs a dedicated analyst to provide personalized guidance and coaching, and a facilitated half-day session to help you assemble your team around a shared, strategic goal and build the step-by-step plan to get there. These services are provided in addition to all the resources provided by the Marketing Leadership Strategies Service.

Marketing Leadership Strategies

The Marketing Leadership Strategies Service provides executive-level research, tools, and benchmarks as described below to help you align your team and achieve success in your role.

Emerging Growth Marketing

If your company earns less than $100 million in revenue, take advantage of the Emerging Growth Marketing Service. This service focuses on four key priorities to help you achieve the unique objectives of a company positioned for growth:

  • Growth, readiness, and strategic planning
  • Audience planning
  • Marketing execution
  • Performance measurement

Available Research

Types of research available through the Chief Marketing Officer Strategies and the Marketing Leadership Strategies services:

  • Frameworks and methodologies: Take guided strategic steps toward higher-revenue alignment within the marketing division and across the business ecosystem using best-in-class models and blueprints.
  • Tools and diagnostics: Leverage interactive tools and templates to enhance your processes and accelerate decision-making.
  • Research briefs: Read concise synopses of executive-level sales, marketing, and product issues.
  • Core strategy reports: Review complex sales, marketing, and product issues in depth in a white-paper format.
  • Buyer insights: Examine the buying data of more than 30 unique B2B personas. Gain quantitative and qualitative data on how they prefer to buy, receive information, and interact.
  • Role profile: Find job descriptions, competencies, and success metrics for marketing, sales, and product roles.
  • Select practice: Discover successful initiatives, solutions, and best practices from peers.

Premium Inquiry

Forrester SiriusDecisions analysts are past practitioners and experts in their fields. Each analyst brings this unique knowledge and background to help you vet ideas, validate direction, and talk through decisions. Each premium analyst inquiry includes:

  • 50-minute discussion
  • Personalized advice
  • Actionable next steps

Looking for more time with experts?
Get help to execute on your B2B transformational strategies through a consulting project.

We’ve benchmarked, comparing not just companies that are in our situation right now, but companies that have done what we intend to do ... and that’s been so insightful and significant for us.

Cybersecurity and data backup company

Research Spotlight

Eight Cs Of Effective Organizational Design ​

B2B marketing leaders use the Eight Cs Of Effective Organizational Design to identify when a change is necessary and gain decision support throughout the redesign process:​
Clarity: Define the objective of the organizational design initiative and how it supports the achievement of business goals.​
Competency: Determine the knowledge, process, skills and tools required to support organizational and functional objectives.​
Concept: Develop a blueprint of the essential workflows required to support the marketing ecosystem.​
Capacity: Assess the organization’s current bandwidth and outline a plan for what additional internal and/or external resources are needed to optimize performance.​
Cost: Identify and assess the costs associated with closing organizational gaps, along with the costs associated with staff enablement.​
Chart: Devise, publish and execute the new organizational design by function, team and role.​
Calibrate: Evaluate and report on the effectiveness of the organizational changes.​
Communicate: Develop a communication strategy to keep internal and external stakeholders apprised during and after the organizational design initiative.​

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