Sales Operations Service

Today’s sales teams have access to powerful tools and capabilities that can capture data and generate actionable intelligence to help an organization hit its revenue targets — but without the right processes and alignment in place, the organization can still fall short.

Forrester’s combination of in-depth research, data, proven frameworks, and expertise helps sales operations leaders interlock with other functions and align their processes with cutting-edge tools and technologies to engage and motivate sales reps, increase efficiencies, and deliver a best-in-class customer experience.

Accelerate Revenue Engine Performance

Drive Efficient Demand Management

Incorporate structured processes and measurement into the Demand Waterfall so you can pinpoint and correct any breakdowns in the system.

Improve Sales Productivity

Measure and analyze the productivity and effectiveness of the sales team to identify opportunities for improvement to facilitate growth.

Design Effective Plans And Processes

Build an annual sales plan to achieve growth targets and create compensation plans that motivate reps to support those objectives.

Key Priorities

As a sales operations leader, you can put the expertise of Forrester SiriusDecisions research services to work. You’ll find in-depth data paired with usable frameworks, analyst access, and signature research on your top priorities, including:

  • Revenue engine alignment
  • Sales compensation design and management
  • Sales planning
  • Sales process design and management
  • Sales measurement, reporting, and analysis
  • Sales technology
  • Sales operations roles, responsibilities, and structure

Available Research

Types of research available through the Sales Operations research service:

  • Frameworks and methodologies: Take guided strategic steps toward higher-revenue alignment within the marketing division and across the business ecosystem using best-in-class models and blueprints.
  • Tools and diagnostics: Leverage interactive tools and templates to enhance your processes and accelerate decision-making.
  • Research briefs: Read concise synopses of executive-level sales, marketing, and product issues.
  • Core strategy reports: Review complex sales, marketing, and product issues in depth in a white-paper format.
  • Buyer insights: Examine the buying data of more than 30 unique B2B personas. Gain quantitative and qualitative data on how they prefer to buy, receive information, and interact.
  • Role profile: Find job descriptions, competencies, and success metrics for marketing, sales, and product roles.
  • Select practice: Discover successful initiatives, solutions, and best practices from peers.

Premium Inquiry

Forrester SiriusDecisions analysts are past practitioners and experts in their fields. Each analyst brings this unique knowledge and background to help you vet ideas, validate direction, and talk through decisions. Each premium analyst inquiry includes:

  • 50-minute discussion
  • Personalized advice
  • Actionable next steps

Looking for more time with experts?
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