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CMOs and marketers are in a revolution — shifting marketing away from supply-side and channel-based thinking to true customer-centric marketing. Making the human being – individuals that bring different emotional states and preferences to each interaction – the center of the universe and the basis of marketing strategy and operations.

The revolution does not toss out assets like brand, advertising, channel optimization, or customer acquisition campaigns — but it does force marketing leaders to rethink and reengineer marketing.

This human-driven revolution is not strictly a marketing question; it places the CMO as role model, architect, and orchestrator of the enterprise-wide strategy to become customer-obsessed. Forrester helps CMOs and marketing leaders with the most pressing issues of the day: to adapt and thrive in a customer-led, disruption-rich market.

Insights for CMOs and Marketing Professionals


What CIOs Can Learn From Fleetwood Mac About Marketing

Just like Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham turned Fleetwood Mac from small act into a global phenomenon, so too can the CMO and CIO combine their skills to bring success.

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DTC Startups Signal An Age Of Experimentation

Why do people buy from direct-to-consumer brands? Pioneering research reveals the consumer mindset that’s made brands like Warby Parker and Casper into household names. 

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April 2–3 • New York

Beyond The Direct-To-Consumer Revolution

Join us for Consumer Marketing 2019.

The CMO Guide To CES

These five ideas will power your brand of the future.

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