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Predictions 2020: Cloud Computing Sees New Alliances And New Security Concerns

In 2020, the battle for dominance in the cloud market heats up. Find out what to expect in VP, Principal Analyst Dave Bartoletti’s 2020 cloud predictions.

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Predictions 2020: Companies Will Be Bolder, More Controversial With Their Employee Experiences

Getting employee experience (EX) wrong carries significant reputational and business risks. In 2020, companies will get more strategic about EX.

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Predictions 2020: RegTech Funding Will Explode As VC Investments In Other Markets Cool

Tighter investor scrutiny will moderate venture capital and private equity investments. Meanwhile, regulatory technology funding will soar. Read our predictions.

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How Marketing Became Too Personal

Marketers’ efforts to get to know customers via data collection and personalization may be driving them away instead. On this week’s What It Means, Vice President and Group Director Melissa Parrish discusses what’s gone wrong and how marketers can end the disconnect.

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End Marketing Dissonance

Marketing effectiveness is hindered by a gap between marketers’ perceptions and customers’ realities.

Webinar: Predictions 2020

Dive deeper and get your questions about 2020 answered during our complimentary predictions webinar on January 23.

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