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Forrester’s Predictions 2019 help firms see around the corner to where the market is going. Discover the coming seismic shifts and why 2019 is the year that transformation goes pragmatic.

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Competition Heats Up In Banking Transformation Services

Lloyds, Atom, and IBM have announced partnerships with fintech startup Thought Machine. Are core banking systems of the verge of disruption? Our take: Not so fast. There are still crucial complications.

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2018 Marked 20 Years Of Customer Experience Research At Forrester

20 years ago, Forrester reviewed some very ugly websites. And that’s how our customer experience work began. We look back at how customer experience at Forrester has evolved.

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Top Insurance Tech Trends To Watch In 2019

How will the “whats” of insurance — underwriting, claims, and compliance — translate into “hows” in 2019? Ellen Carney discusses what’s driving changes in insurance business strategy and the tech that enables it.

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Fulfillment, Not Happiness, Makes A Great Employee Experience

Happiness is not the prerequisite for productivity. As Principal Analyst Sam Stern explains, fulfillment and productivity are intertwined, and employee empowerment fuels both.

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Forrester To Acquire SiriusDecisions

Creates an innovative strategy and operations platform to drive growth in the age of the customer.


Forrester Launches CX Certification

Build the CX skills needed to drive growth.

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