The Future Of Payments

Digital payments revolutionized commerce. And now, commerce experiences will revolutionize payments. The future of payments won’t be a linear story or a story strictly about payments. Instead, autonomous payments will be about making payments the invisible, invaluable part of an elegant, customer-first commerce experience.

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It’s Mostly Quiet On The GDPR Front — But This Is Not The Time For Complacency

The GDPR era did not begin with a bang but a set of targeted enforcement actions. But the lack of headlines should not lessen the sense of risk, especially for those in a wait-and-see mode that need to accept and act on GDPR as the virtual law of the land.

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It’s Digital Go Time: The Six Vectors Of Investment

With at least a decade of transformation behind us, it’s clear which vectors of investment pay off — and will continue to do so, even as the economy inevitably goes through a business down cycle. Pick at least two of these investment vectors to get your business transformation off and running.

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Four Things You Must Do Right Now To Rock Your 2018 Holiday

$1 trillion + of holiday spend in the US and Europe is up for grabs and increasingly premised on digital capabilities. Not simply the existence of these capabilities, but their ability to attract, inform, inspire, and win spend. What’s the recipe for having digital drive holiday sales performance? Hint: be surgical.

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Stay Ahead of Your Customers With Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery doesn’t have to be limited to IT or product teams. But broadening this model requires a whole lot of collaboration and a culture conditioned to deliver quickly, using insights from information gathered directly from customers.

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