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Digital Snakes And Ladders

Nigel Fenwick revamps a millennia-old board game for your digital transformation efforts. Clients can download a poster-sized version of the game, linked in the post.

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Gen Z: Our Window Into The Future Of Feedback

Gen Z find surveys annoying. But they’ll give feedback if the circumstances are right. Here are three factors that can improve the feedback experience for Gen Z.

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Eating Our Own Zero Trust Dog Food

Forrester has been preaching the gospel of Zero Trust for years, and now we will move from theory to practice as Chase Cunningham builds out sample virtual environments to demonstrate practical deployments of Zero Trust.

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Who Chooses Direct-To-Consumer Brands?

Why do people buy from direct-to-consumer brands? Until now, little research has been done to determine what’s driving consumers to choose DTC. Forrester Senior Analyst Anjali Lai shares pioneering research in this episode of What It Means.

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