Forrester + SiriusDecisions

We’re pleased to announce that Forrester has closed the deal to acquire SiriusDecisions. We’re proud to bring new capabilities to our clients, providing additional tools to harmonize internal operations and execute winning strategies. We look forward to serving SiriusDecisions clients as we expand the Sirius Way into new industries, disciplines, and global markets.

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You’ve Still Got Mail

Despite all the hype, younger consumers aren’t ditching email. But that doesn’t mean they welcome a neverending stream of standardized mass email blasts. Learn why email is sticking around and what gets younger consumers to click “open”.

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Augmented Intelligence Is The Key To Driving Rapid Business Value With AI

Leveraging AI to augment human intelligence leverages the superhuman advantages of AI and the super-AI advantages of humans to quickly drive large, tangible business value. Kjell Carlsson explains.

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What Is Forrester’s Definition Of Enterprise AI?

There are two types of AI. What are they, which should you pursue, and which should you leave behind? In this two minute video, Mike Gualtieri discusses where you should spend your time and investment.

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Untangling The Martech Knot

Martech changes, provides value, offers vaporware, and proliferates on a regular basis. So where does this leave marketers? Forrester Analysts Joe Stanhope, Rusty Warner, and Lori Wizdo help you untangle the martech knot . . . before your marketing org gets jumbled up.

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January 23, 2019

Predictions 2019 Webinar

Join Forrester thought leaders to dig into the seismic shifts that will affect your business in 2019.


Forrester Launches CX Certification

Build the CX skills needed to drive growth.

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