A New Marketing Era

Marketers’ well-intentioned efforts to deliver better customer experiences haven’t had the desired effect. Join VP, Research Director Brigitte Majewski to uncover the causes and learn a new way forward.

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A Lesson On Facial Recognition, Privacy, And GDPR From The Far North

What can a small Swedish town near the Arctic Circle teach you about GDPR and computer vision? You might be surprised. Senior Analyst Kjell Carlsson provides an intriguing case study.

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“Why Can’t This Stupid Chatbot Do What I Want?”

For all their promise, chatbots are still decidedly imperfect. With good reason: The processes underlying their functioning are numerous and complex. But, there’s hope.

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Zero Trading Fees Are Here — So Are Significant Market Cap Losses

The correct response to digital disruption is not to engage in price wars but to strengthen customer experience.

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Amazon’s Rise In The Digital Ad Space

Amazon has staked its claim in the digital advertising space, challenging Google and Facebook’s dominance. In this week’s What It Means, learn how this will impact ad industry stakeholders and reshape the digital ad landscape.

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A New Marketing Era

Learn practical, actionable strategies to connect with customers and drive growth.

The Future of CX

The spotlight will shine on CX as brands wrestle with disruption. Is your firm ready?

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