Lackluster CX Poses Financial Risk For Banking Institutions

Forrester’s Customer Experience Index results are in: Banks have been stagnant in CX satisfaction for the past three years. During this on-demand webinar, Principal Analyst Alyson Clarke will explain why banks have stagnant CX, what drives great CX in banking, and how to create a distinctive experience to attract and retain customers.

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‘Tis The Season For Consumers To Still Not Buy On Social Media

Gen Z loves social media. But do they make purchases there? No. Or at least not yet. According to Forrester Social Technographics® data, social media marketing is powerful but that power is still concentrated at the top of the sales funnel.

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When Trains Start Running Late: Japan’s Digital Awakening

As a cohort, Japanese companies have been slow to step into the digital era. But there are signs that digital transformation is coming, spurred on by the country’s deeply engrained culture of customer obsession.

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If You’re Not Prioritizing Employee Experience Improvement, You’re Doing It Wrong

There is ample evidence that improving employee experience leads to better business results. The problem is that most companies take the wrong approach to improving EX by focusing on outcomes rather than root-cause factors. But there is a better way.

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GDPR: The Coming Global Standard

GDPR seemed to promise chaos at the dawn of May 25, but we haven’t seen much yet. Senior Analyst Enza Iannopollo explains the lack of major headlines — and why you can’t be lulled into a false sense of security.

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