Predictions 2020

A new decade begins with great uncertainty. Sweeping changes are poised to take place. But which ones? Read Predictions 2020 to discover the dynamics that will define 2020 and beyond. Plus, learn how to turn the volatility into a competitive edge.

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Predictions 2020: Uncertainty Equals Opportunity For The CIO

“CIOs at leading firms are embracing change and transforming customer and employee experiences. Read the top three CIO predictions from VP and Principal Analyst Brian Hopkins. “

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Predictions 2020: Privacy and Data Ethics Bring Marketing To The Boardroom

Regulations, consumer wariness, and the consequences of misbehavior will create a challenging landscape for B2C marketers and brands. Read our top privacy predictions.

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Predictions 2020: CMOs Must Extend Their Span Of Control In The Name Of Customer Value

The age of the customer has redefined the CMO role. Failure to adapt could lead to a loss of relevance. Vice President and Research Director Keith Johnston explains what chief marketers must do in the near term.

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It’s Time To Commit To Corporate Values

Organizations that have been slow to commit to corporate values can’t afford to be anymore. On this episode of What It Means, Senior Analyst Anjali Lai describes the urgency executives face in balancing values-based consumers with business goals.

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End Marketing Dissonance

Marketing effectiveness is hindered by a gap between marketers’ perceptions and customers’ realities.

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