The Power Of Customer Obsession

At Forrester, we are uniquely focused on helping our clients become customer-obsessed. Customer obsession is the best — and only — path to growth in the age of customer. And the proof is in the numbers: Forrester clients are 34% more profitable than non-clients.

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Two Truths And Seven Lies Retailers Heard In The 2010s

Retail changed substantially in the last decade, but not always in the ways predicted. VP and Principal Analyst Sucharita Kodali looks back — and provides a few takeaways for retailers for the decade ahead.
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2020: The Year Of Digital Products

In the next two years, digitally mature companies will shift focus from digital transformation to digital product development. What will it take for them to execute?
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Shatter The Seven Myths Of Machine Learning

Think you know enough about machine learning? Senior analyst Kjell Carlsson identifies some surprising misperceptions to help you increase your machine-learning literacy.
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How (And Why) To Leverage CX Champions Programs

Many understaffed customer experience (CX) organizations are spinning their wheels and realizing they can’t meet their goals in a silo. On this week’s What It Means, Analyst Angelina Gennis joins to discuss how CX champions programs can catalyze CX transformation.
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End Marketing Dissonance

Marketing effectiveness is hindered by a gap between marketers’ perceptions and customers’ realities.

Webinar: Predictions 2020

Dive deeper and get your questions about 2020 answered during our complimentary predictions webinar on January 23.

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