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In the future of work, we often ask: who will win, and who will lose? But the better question is: How do we make as many winners as possible? In our complimentary webinar, Forrester thought leaders help answer that question and discuss future-of-work strategies that are tangible, measurable, and tested.

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Two Big Answers Emerged From The US CX Index For 2019

The journeys of Whole Foods and Southwest Airlines exemplify lessons brands can learn from 2019’s CX Index results.

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Marketers: Manage Your Automation Portfolio

Automation creates opportunity for marketers. It also generates risk. Marketers must master automation while closing the gap between customer expectations and the current operating model. Learn more.

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Governments: Think Broadly With Your Tech-Driven Innovation Efforts

New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs can onboard a new supplier into their digital marketplace in as little as 12 hours, compared with the 12-to-18 months a traditional RFP process takes. Get an in-depth look at their innovative platform.

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How Lloyds Uses Privacy As A Differentiator

Privacy regulations can seem like a hassle. But if you want to grow customer affinity, privacy can be a strategic strength. Lloyds Banking Group Experience Strategist Laurent Christoph and Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Fatemeh Khatibloo explain how Lloyds uses privacy as a differentiator.

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A Call To Action For Marketers

Marketers have eroded customers’ trust in their quest to know them better. What’s the best path forward?

Future-Proof Your Business With Zero Trust

Prioritize your next steps towards a Zero Trust strategy and architecture.

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