Systemic Risk And Robotics In The Future Of Work

The future of work will be shaped by four shocks: systemic risk, robots and automation, employee data, and employee power. Join this webinar on July 16 to hear VPs James McQuivey and J.P. Gownder discuss how the systemic risk and robots/automation will transform the future of work for your business.

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The Pandemic Recession Demands A Digital Response

Businesses have never valued digital agility as much as they have during the COVID-19 pandemic. But how do you apply the lessons you’ve learned this year to your long-term plan? VP Ted Schadler provides insights.
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Digital Business Models Mandate More Sophisticated B2B Pricing Processes And Applications

Industrial manufacturers need tighter integration with applications such as CRM and enterprise resource planning to price product and service bundles effectively.
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The COVID-19 Crisis Sets The Direction For Europe’s Job Market

The COVID-19 crisis on its own won't fundamentally change the workplace. Yet by accelerating trends such as remote work, workspace virtualization, and automation, the pandemic is transforming the European job market.
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Will COVID-19 Change Virtual Care Forever?

Virtual care is not a new concept, but the COVID-19 pandemic has driven a dramatic surge in adoption. In this episode of What It Means, Senior Analyst Arielle Trzcinski discusses what’s driving this adoption and the future of virtual care.
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Statement on COVID-19

Read our most up to date policies and procedures related to the coronavirus.

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COVID-19: Responding, Managing, And Leading During A Pandemic

The latest insights and guidance for leaders to address the growing business and employee experience implications of COVID-19.

Winning The New B2B Buyer

The B2B buyer-vendor power dynamic has shifted. Learn what's driving deep change in buyer behavior and how to deliver experiences that build engagement and trust.

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