Asia Pacific Predictions 2021

Digital has levelled the playing field: Firms in the Asia Pacific region will be on par with or even exceed the rest of the world in terms of technology-driven business models. Download our guide to the critical business and technology trends for Asia Pacific in 2021.

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Empathy Is The Best Gift You Can Give Your Loyal Customers This Holiday Season

Loyalty marketers need to communicate with and get to know their new members in quick, digestible, innovative ways this holiday season. Empathy is key.
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Predictions 2021: “COVID Wrote The Business Case — Our Future Is Digital”

In 2020, digital shifted from nice-to-have to must-have. In 2021, companies will accelerate their digital transformation with a focus on customers and what, where, and how to serve them.
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Predictions 2021

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Discover what awaits your business in the coming year with our complimentary library of resources on topics from advertising to edge computing.

As Pandemic Uncertainty Continues, Consumer Confidence Stays Low

Just over one-third of US consumers are confident about a post-pandemic economic rebound, compared to 61 percent of metropolitan Chinese online adults.


Big Risks Are The Safest Option For B2C Marketing In 2021

The tumult of 2020 has turned yesterday’s marketing best practices into today’s imperatives. Explore our B2C marketing predictions in this What It Means episode featuring VP, Principal Analyst Shar VanBoskirk and Analyst Stephanie Liu.
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Discover The Dynamics That Will Shape The Year Ahead

Forrester’s predictions help business leaders see what’s coming and what’s most critical for business success. Explore market-defining trends in emerging technology, consumer behavior, B2B sales, customer experience, and much more.


Predictions 2021: Insurers Find Opportunity Amid Chaos

Jeffery Williams October 30, 2020
As insurers contend with an unpredictable virus and its economic consequences, promising pathways to prosperity will reveal themselves.
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Predictions 2021: Software Developers Face Mounting Pressure

Jeffrey Hammond October 30, 2020
As executive teams put more pressure on internal teams to speed digital transformation in 2021, how will software developers respond? Find out in our 2021 predictions for software development.
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Predictions 2021 Online Event

The events of 2020 have fundamentally changed the business landscape. In this online event, learn how these changes impact your firm’s trajectory, and how can you maneuver to gain a competitive edge.

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