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Certification Programs For Teams And Individuals

Forrester Certification programs provide insights and practical skills to help you execute on strategic initiatives with confidence. The 8-week, facilitated online courses help individuals gain critical proficiencies and help teams develop a common vocabulary and mindset. Certification is the catalyst to drive business transformations and spur unprecedented growth.

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Two tracks support multiple stakeholders

Each topic area includes two unique tracks to suit different career needs and experience. Course content for the two tracks are identical, but the work required varies.

Pro (Professional)​

  • Represents core team members
  • Requires 2-3 years of experience​
  • Involves additional course work for certification​

Champ (Champion​)

  • Supports execution through cross-functional alignment​
  • Relevant for executive sponsors, early career professionals, or those interested in a career change

How courses work: a dynamic experience

Courses use a combination of short videos, hands-on exercises and peer discussion threads to provide a dynamic certification experience that is all online, mobile-ready, and fits into busy schedules.

  • Access concise content on demand in a digital learning platform
  • Engage with fellow practitioners and champions in a social, interactive, and fun environment
  • Access a toolkit with templates to apply your learning
  • Receive a signed certificate and badge to share with social networks upon course completion

How teams succeed: models for success

Successful organizations typically use one of three primary models to achieve their desired business transformation through Certification:

  • Start small. Send a few people through the program to validate broader application and value.
  • Align the team. Certify all members of the implementation project team. Teams of 20 or more are eligible for a private cohort with a custom start date.
  • Achieve critical mass. For CX transformations, certify core team members as above and implement a customized enterprise-wide CX program through the CX Essentials program.

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Apr. 13
Register by Apr. 10
CX Foundations CX Management Innovating CX
May 11
Register by May 8
CX Foundations Zero Trust Strategy B2B Marketing
June 8
Register by June 5
CX Foundations
July 13
Register by July 10
CX Foundations CX Management Innovating CX Zero Trust Strategy B2B Marketing
Aug. 10
Register by Aug. 7
CX Foundations
Sept. 14
Register by Sept. 11
CX Foundations Zero Trust Strategy B2B Marketing
Oct. 19
Register by Oct. 16
CX Foundations CX Management Innovating CX Zero Trust Strategy B2B Marketing
Nov. 9
Register by Nov. 6
CX Foundations CX Management Innovating CX Zero Trust Strategy B2B Marketing

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