What We Believe

This is not a passing storm after which we will return to a comfortable normal.

Several years ago, we began to see that power was shifting from institutions to customers. Simultaneously, digital as a disruptive force was emerging. We made the call: The combination of these forces would alter market fundamentals and force companies to change strategic direction and rethink operating models.

We called it the Age of the Customer. In this era, digitally-savvy customers would change the rules of business, creating extraordinary opportunity for companies that could adapt, and creating existential threat to those that could not.

We anchored our strategy, organization, and research around the Age of the Customer. We set out to help our clients see around corners, take decisive action, and gain strategic advantage in a volatile, unforgiving market.

This new world requires leaders to think and act differently.

In this new world, companies have struggled to make hard choices and act. It requires leaders to think and act differently – in ways that feel foreign, unfamiliar, and counter-intuitive. And honestly, it is simply hard to do.

We are with leaders as they make painful strategic and operational decisions – moves with little precedence but potentially high returns. We tell them that they can’t wait for a burning platform because there are fires that are already weakening the foundations of their business. Our goal is to help our clients see new opportunities before their competitors and to help them leverage that head start to move to lead their markets.

This is not a passing storm after which we will return to a comfortable normal. These dynamics will endure as new technologies like artificial intelligence and robotics emerge to challenge core notions of what it means to be a company, what it means to build human capital, and what it means to compete and win.

Forresterites are a passionate group. We get most excited about three things: 1) Clients – helping them succeed and grow in challenging times; 2) Facts – discovering truth in the confusing noise; and 3) Ideas – generating new ways of thinking that can short-circuit the path to success for our clients.

All of us look forward to working with you and your company as you navigate the Age of the Customer voyage.