Executive Programs

Customers expect more — so does the CEO and board, who are facing existential questions about the fate of their company and the nature of their leadership team. In this climate, it is hard to find the time, tap into experience, and see through the fog to make calls that will shape and define your company’s future.

Forrester’s Executive Programs pair you with an experienced CMO or CIO to help you navigate through the complex and multifaceted challenges you’re facing. How can I change the culture? Do I need to make deep changes to the team? Do I have time to make organizational changes? How do I reposition myself to drive enterprisewide change? These are not easy or trivial decisions; these are the decisions that create real leverage for the business or further complicate an already complex equation.

A Trusted Partner To Help You Drive Change

  • Gain a deep understanding of the threats and opportunities facing your business or role, and prioritize strategies that keep customer needs and desires central.
  • Form a deep relationship with an objective thought partner who will strategize with you, provide candid feedback, de-risk key decisions, and help you find opportunities to gain influence.
  • Helps create an objective view of your team’s strengths and weaknesses so that any management decisions are surgical and fact-based.
  • Assess the strength of your operating model, and identify gaps and opportunities to evolve your team and engage them on key initiatives.

Our CMO Executive Partners

Sheryl Pattek

VP, CMO Executive Partner

Bret Sanford-Chung

VP, CMO Executive Partner

Jen Sanning

Jen Sanning

VP, CMO/CX Executive Partner

Our CIO Executive Partners

Karen Rubenstrunk

VP, CIO Executive Partner

Andy Bynum

VP, CIO Executive Partner

Luiz De Oliviera

VP, CIO Executive Partner

Our CX Executive Partner

Nancy Vega

VP, Exec Program Product Manager

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