Citizens are more empowered than ever

Citizens expect their experiences with government services to be as good as any other service provider. They demand more governmental transparency, better operational efficiency, and a higher level of service delivery.

To adapt, you must:

Transform the customer experience by improving access to information and services.

Turn business insights into action to better serve citizens.

Embrace and enable the mobile mind shift to better reach citizens when and where they want.

Enable digital transformation by reforming internal policies.

Get SMART in the age of the citizen

Governments of all sizes must evaluate new tools and embark on the new civic mandate for SMART government:

  • Social channels facilitate the desired two-way engagement — for some programs.
  • Mobility provides greater flexibility for citizen engagement.
  • Analytics and access to data enable government transformation.
  • Regulatory reforms eliminate obstacles to process innovation.
  • Technology enables governments to fulfill the imperatives of the age of the citizen.

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